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Lycett Bicycle Saddles

Lycett bicycle saddles on this page: Black leather

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Edward Lycett started making bicycle saddles in his shop in Birmingham, England in the late 1800s. In 1903, Lycett's ever-growing business was hit with an injunction from competitor Brooks for infringing on a couple of Brooks' patents.

The firm made both bicycle and motorcycle seats and by 1906 the company said it was turning out 1,500 "high class saddles" per day.

Sometime in the late 1930s the Brooks saddle company bought Lycett. Production of Lycett saddles continued for years thereafter. We don't know when Brooks stopped making them.

Lycett black leather saddle. Used, $60.00

Lycett black leather saddle

Certainly a saddle that has been around for a long time.

Lycett black saddle

The same saddle turned around.

Lycett saddle

And it is a Lycett.

Lycett black leather saddle

From behind

Lycett black saddle

And showing the metal frame.