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Selle San Marco Bicycle Saddles with Torelli embroidery

Selle San Marco saddles with Torelli embroidery on this page:
Regal: Titanium rails
Rolls: Titanium rails
Squadra HDP: We have these saddles with Titanum rails, Hollow Cromoly rails
The rest of our Selle San Marco saddles are posted here.

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Selle San Marco was started by Luigi Girardi in 1935 in Rossano Veneto. This is in the Italian province of Vicenza in Northern Italy, the heart of Italian bike making country.

Girardi started by covering his saddles with the fabric of military jackets. The firm was successful from the start and by 1940, it had 40 employees.

From that beginning, Selle San Marco has gone on to produce saddles that are considered among the finest in the world. They have been used, to name a few great riders, by Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond and Bradley Wiggins.

To this day the firm continues to produce some of the world's most highly regarded saddles.

San Marco Regal with Titanium rails. New, $200.00

Part# 40094

We have three in stock

Torelli Regal saddle with Titanium rails

Ready to make your Torelli bike complete.

Torelli San Marco Regal titanium saddle

From the other side

Torelli titanium saddle

From the back

Torelli Regal titanium saddle

The underside, showing the San Marco-branded titanium rails

Selle San Marco box

It's still in its factory box.

Torelli Regal Saddle

Like so.

San Marco Rolls with Titanium rails. New, $200.00

Part# 40117

We have two in stock

Sella San Marco Rolls saddle

A classic, beautiful Italian saddle. And comfortable as well.

Selle San Marco Rolls saddle

Here it is from the other side.

Sella San MArco Rolls saddle

From the back. Let there be no doubt. This is a Rolls saddle.

Selle San Marco Rolls Titianium

Underneath, showing the Titanium rails and a barely visible bit of the San Marco logo on one of the rails.

Selle San MArco Rolls saddle

Here's the box it will come in.

Selle San Marco Rolls saddle in box

Like this.

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle

We have this saddle in several configurations: Hollow CroMoly rails | Women's saddle with steel rails | Titanium rails

The "HDP" in the Squadra saddles name comes from "Hytrel Du Pont". Hytrel is a thermoplastic elastomer that combines the flexibility & resilience of rubber with the processability and durability of thermoplastics. The saddles have leather covers with HDP padding. These are comfortable saddles

The Squadra HDP saddles were produced in the mid to late 1990s.

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle with hollow Cromoly rails.

Part# 40093

We have this saddle New | Lightly used

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle with hollow Cromoly rails. New, $150.00

Torelli Squadra HDP saddle

San Marco called their embroidered saddles "No Slip".

Squadra HDP saddle

From the other side

Selle San AMrco HDP saddle

From the back

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle with hollow Cromoly rails. Lightly used, $85.00

Squadra HDP saddle used

Lightly used

Selle SanMarco Squadra HDP saddle

The other side

Squadra HDP saddle

Back view

Squadra HDP

There is a little scuffing

Selle San MArco Squadra HDP saddle

And the saddle's underside.

Women's Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle with steel rails. New, $150.00

Part# 40109

We have two in stock

Selle San Marco women's saddle

Wider back to accomodate women's wider-spaced sit bones. The saddle also has a shorter nose.

Selle San Marco Squadra women's saddle

And from the other side.

Selle San AMrco Squadra women's saddle

From the back

Selle San Marco Torelli-steel-rail ladies saddle

It's new, in the box. You can see the saddle's specifications

Selle San MArco women's saddle

And here it is, new, waiting for a ride.

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle with Titanium rails. New, $180.00

Part# 40092

This saddle has a small scuff or pinch in the leather on one side.

Torelli Selle San Marco Titanium saddlei

The little pinch can barely be seen on the bottom edge of the saddle, a little to the right of the end of the back bottom gold rail.

Selle San MArco saddle

Here's the other side of the same saddle.

Squadra HDP saddle with titanium rails

From the back.

Selle San Marco Squadra HDP saddle

Here's a close-up of the scuff in the leather.