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Selle Italia Bicycle Saddles

Selle Italia bicycle saddles on this page: Turbo

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Selle Italia is a venerable company, having been started in the village of Corsico, just southwest of Milan, in 1897. The company's business was making leather saddles for everyday bicycles.

In 1967, the Bigolin family acquired the firm. The new company manager Giuseppe Bigolin moved the company from Milan to Bassano del Grappa, in the Veneto Region. He wanted his factory to be in Veneto, the heart of Italy's bicycle industry.
Bigolin had to start with the company's ancient saddle-making machinery and was able to produce only 30 or 40 saddles a day. Slowly he modernized the firm, making modern saddles with innovative designs.

In 1980 the company hit a home run with the Turbo. At the time, it seemed to be the most popular racing saddle on the market. Since then, the firm has gone from strength to strength, introducing the revolutionary Flite saddle. The company still works hard to stay on cycling's cutting edge

When Peloton magazine asked Bigolin which saddle he was most proud of, he answered, "Oh, that would be the Turbo. It just changed so many things. I’ll never forget, back in 1980, we signed a contract with Bernard Hinault. He had been riding a San Marco Concorde for the past five years. But I got him to come ride our saddles. It was a real coup for us and it proved to be one of our greatest successes. Looking back, I’m still really proud of that saddle. It was just so far ahead of its time."

Selle Italia Turbo. Used

Selle Italia introduced the Turbo in 1980, calling it the first completely anatomic saddle. The padding was thicker under the sit bones and thinner where it wasn't needed. Selle Italia called this "differential thickness". Revolutionary stuff in 1980.

We have three: #1 | #2 | #3

Here are pictures of the very famous Turbo saddle box.

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

Here's a bit of history. There was a time when every bike shop had these boxes on the shelves.

Selle Italia Turbo box

From another angle

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

The bottom of the box. Note, it is old enough to have a telex number. Until the rise of the fax machine, telex printers were how international companies corresponded.

Selle Italia Turbo #1. Used, $80.00

No "Turbo" printed in the front of the nose.

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

The classic

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

Side view

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

Top view

Selle Italia Turbo

And from behind

Selle Italia Turbo #2. Used, $80.00

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

Lovely condition

Selle Italia Turbo

Top view, from the other side

Selle Italia turbo

And from behind.

Selle Italia Turbo #3. Used, $80.00

Selle Italia Turbo saddle

The classic.

Selle italia saddles

The other side

Selle Italia saddle

And from behind