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Selle Royal Bicycle Saddles

Selle Royal bicycle saddles on this page: Lookin Gel | Valentine Venezia

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Selle Royal, founded in 1956 by Riccardo Bigolin, it thought to be the largest bicycle saddle maker in the world.

Started in Vicenza (yes, that Vicenza, where Campagnolo is headquartered) Italy, the firm now has factories in several countries, including Italy, China and Brazil.

The firm also currently owns Brooks and Crankbrothers

Selle Royal Lookin Gel Saddle. New, $60.00/each

Selle Royal Lookin saddle

The gel is visible, hence the name...

Selle Royal saddle

Side view

Selle Royal saddle

Here's the other side.

Selle Royal Lookin Saddle

From above.

Selle Royal Lookin saddle

Here's the saddle's underside.

Selle Royal Gel saddle

From the saddle's hang tag.

Selle Royal saddle

More info from the hang tag.

Selle Royal saddle

More info

Selle Royal saddle

How the gel makes the saddle more comfortable

Selle Royal saddle

Another page from the hang tag.

Selle Royal saddle

The back page of the hang tag/brochure.

Selle Royal Valentine Venezia saddle. Used, $85.00

A great saddle those looking for a high-quality saddle with a wider back. Perfect for riders using a more upright position.

Selle Rolya Vlentine Venezia

Hande-made in Italy

Selle Italia Valentine Venezia

From the other side.

Selle Royal Valentine Venezia

From behind

Selle Royal Valentine Venezia

Bottom view

Selle Royale saddle

And it is a Selle Royal saddle.