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Seat post shims

Seat post shims on this page:

Starting seat tube diameter and resulting shimmed diameter:
29.4mm down to 25.4mm
29.0mm down to 26.4mm

28.0mm & 26.4mm to 25.4mm
27.2mm down to 25.4mm
25.4mm down to 25.0mm

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USE 29.4mm down to 25.4mm carbon fiber shim. New, $20.00/each

Part# 41231

USE carbon fiber shim

You won't be adding too much weight with this shim.

Carbon seat post shim

Here's another look at the shim.

USE seat post shim

It's made for a frme with a 29.4mm set tube,

29.0mm down to 26.4mm alloy shim. Used, $15.00/each

Alloy seat post shim

So there's no doubt about its size.

Alloy seat post shim

Here's the other side of the shim.

Tranz X 28.0mm & 26.4mm to 25.4mm alloy shim. New, $15.00/set

Part# 41232

Seat post shim

Two shims

Tranz X shims

Here are the shims out of their package

Seat post shims

Fit together

27.2mm down to 25.4mm alloy shim. New, $15.00/each

Part# 41226

Seat post shim

Side view

Seat post shim

From a different angle

USE 25.4mm to 25.0mm aluminum shim. New, $15.00/each

Part# 41236

We have two in stock.

USE seat post shim

New, in the box.

USE Seat Post shim

It's for a frame with a 25.4mm seat tube.

USE seat post shim

Some important info