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Components - Suntour seat posts

On this page: Suntour seat posts: XC Pro 26.8mm | Superbe 27.2mm |

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Suntour could trace its origins to 1912, when the then-named Maeda Iron Works began making bicycle sprockets and then freewheels.

Suntour's business really took off with its introduction of the slant parallelogram rear derailleur in 1964. This innovation, upon which all modern derailleurs are based, allowed the derailleur to maintain a constant distance from the sprockets and vastly improved shifting.

Suntour thrived and expanded, eventually producing complete groups, all well-designed and beautifully made. But upon the expiration of Suntour's slant-parallelogram derailleur patent, arch-competitor Shimano, adopting this design, became a relentless and dominating force in bicycle components, crushing the weaker Suntour company.

In 1988, the now-struggling Suntour company was purchased by the a Taiwan firm and by 1993, once-dominant Suntour owned only five percent of the U.S. market.

SunTour XC Pro 26.8mm x 220mm seat post. Used, $75.00

SunTour XC Pro seat post

Close-up of the saddle clamp

SunTour XC post

The whole post

SunTour XC Pro seat post

The post rolled over for another view

SunTour XC Pro seat post

The front You can see it has been in a frame.

SunTour Superbe 27.2mm x 200mm seat post. New, $175.00

Part# 44263

  • SunTour part# SP-2100
  • 253 grams
  • SunTour Superbe parts have a lovely finish that will enhance any bike,

SunTour Superbe seat post

The business end of the post

SunTour Superbe seat post

Front view

SunTour Superbe seat post

Side view

SunTour Superbe post

The other side

SunTour seat post

The back of the post