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Skewers, assorted road & mountain

On this page: Blue stainless steel 135mm rear skewer | Black Titanium 135mm rear skewer

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We occasionally find a hub skewer that has no brand identification and we can't figure out who made it. Usually these parts are made for bicycle factories. But not always.

We're posting them here.

Blue stainless steel 135mm rear skewer. New, $20.00

Part# 63427

Stainless-steel blue skwerer

It's beautifully made, we just don't know who did the beautiful work.

Stainless steel skewer

Another view

Black Titanium 135mm rear skewer. Used, $35.00

Black Titanium skewer

The rod is Titanium

Titanium lever

The same lever flipped over.

Titanium skewer

Close-up of the lever arm