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Handlebar Tape- Benotto cello-handlebar tape

Benotto cello-handlebar tape on this page: Green | Orange

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Benotto was originally an Italian company. Founder Giacinto Benotto began making bicycles in Torino (Turin) in 1931. Perhaps the most famous "Golden Age" race win on a Benotto was Antonio Belivacqua's 1951 Paris-Roubaix victory. In the 1970s some of the sport's greatest riders raced and won on Benottos, including Francesco Moser, Freddy Martens and Roger De Vlaeminck.

Finding a ready market for his bicycles in Latin America, in 1953 the firm opened a factory in Mexico, with high-end production still remaining in Italy. In 1985 Benotto ceased producing bicycles in Italy and began producing all its bikes in Mexico.

Sometime in the 1970s (I think 1976) Benotto began to market its famous cello tape. It was a hit! It was the tape to put on a racing bike of the 1970s and 80s. It came in 15 colors and was the choice of professionals of the era. Today, Benotto cello-tape is the perfect tape for vintage bikes of that era.

Benotto tape ad

This Benotto tape ad must have been run in every 1980s cycling enthusiast magazine.

Though the famous tape is no longer produced, Benotto, headquartered in Mexico City, currently produces about a half-million bicycles a year

Benotto Green cello-handlebar tape. New, $15.00/package

Benotto green handlebar tape

Benotto Orange cello-handlebar tape. New, $15.00/package

Orange Benotto tape