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Handlebar Tape- Bike Ribbon handlebar tape

Bike Ribbon tape:
Bike Ribbon cork handlebar tape on this page: Yellow/Blue/Celeste | Yellow/Celeste
Original EVA foam Bike Ribbon handlebar tape: Black

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It’s the same story every time, thought Ermanno Alberti as he got on his road bike to head for the hills around his home town of Brianza, in Northern Italy. Every bump, every stone, is another shock for the hands as they gripped handlebars roughly wrapped in a kind of ‘standard’ tape.

And so he had the idea: cover the handlebars with thicker, softer tape, giving a better grip and more comfort for the hands.

The problem was how to deal with the spiral application involved in covering the entire handlebar: with thicker tape, the overlapping zones would be too thick. Then came the invention: Make tape with edges thinner than the center.

Ermanno’s father, Antonio, was a manufacturer of bicycle saddles, and so Ermanno went to work in the testing lab. In 1975, he and his wife Rosita patented variable thickness handlebar tape and created La Spirale snc, the company that still produces the Bike Ribbon brand.

The original Bike Ribbon was EVA foam. In the 1990s Le Spirale began producing variable-thickness cork tape (EVA foam impregnated with cork).

Bike Ribbon Yellow/Blue/Celeste cork tape. New, $20.00/package

Part# 37123

We have three sets in stock

Cork Bike Ribbon

Front of the package

Bike Ribon tape

Side view with another look at the tape

Bike Ribbon Yellow/Celeste cork tape. New, $20.00/package

Part# 37128

We have two packages in stock

Bike Ribbon

You can see the tape's thin edges. The tape is thicker in the center.

Bike Ribbon

Side view

Original Bike Ribbon Black handlebar tape. New, $10.00/package

Bike ribbon black tape

With plugs and trim tapes