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Avocet Clincher Tires

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Avocet clincher tires on this page: Fasgrip Carbon 12 700 x 23 | Fasgrip Carbon 12 SLK 700 x 23

Avocet was started in the 1970s by Bernie Hoffacker and his sons Bud and Neal. The Hoffackers were owners of the highly-regarded Northern California bicycle shop Palo Alto Bicycles. In the late 1970s they developed a prototype small cycle computer. Being in Silicon Valley they were able to find expertise to refine it into what would become the most popular cycle computer ever, the Avocet 30. Greg LeMond used one, as did whole European teams such as Panasonic. Even Ironman triathlon winner Dave Scott used an Avocet computer.

For a while, they were everywhere. Avocet says that in the 1989 and 1990 Tours de France, 80% of the riders using a cyclometer were using one made by Avocet.

Avocet expanded its offering to include tires, saddles and other accessories. The company at some point changed hands and though there is an Avocet web site, the firm appears to be dormant.

The right tire pressure is important, for both safety and ride quality. Here's Michelin's tire pressure guide, which is applicable to the Avocet tires on this page:

Michelin tire pressure guide

Avocet Fasgrip Carbon 12 700 x 23 folding clincher tire. New, $50.00/each

Part# 46811

Avocet tire

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Avocet tire

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Avocet tire

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Avocet tire

Avocet tire specs

Avocet Fasgrip Carbon 12 SLK 700 x 23 folding clincher tire. New, $50.00/each

Part# 46812

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Avocet Fasgrip tire

New, in the box.

Avocet tire

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