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Hutchinson Clincher (wired-on)Tires

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Hutchinson clincher tires on this page: Equinox Blue 700 x 23 | Hutchinson Equinox2 | Top Slick 2 folding 26 x 1

Probably every cyclist who has come across products of French tire maker Hutchinson has wondered how a French company got such an English-sounding name. Well, we’re here to help.

The company was started in 1853 by American engineer Hiram Hutchinson, who was living in central France at the time. Hutchinson met Charles Goodyear in Paris that year and licensed Goodyear’s rubber vulcanization patent. Goodyear was probably still in Europe after losing an 1852 patent infringement trial in Great Britain.

Hutchinson’s first product was rubber shoe soles, which he made in his factory that was converted from an old paper mill, sited about 110 kilometers southwest of Paris.

In 1890 Hutchinson began making bicycle tires and by 1909 the company’s tires were being ridden by Bordeaux-Paris winner Léon Georget (brother of Emile, third in the 1907 Tour de France). The company would go on to much greater victories with Louison Bobet winning three consecutive Tours de France and then Jacques Anquetil becoming the first five-time Tour winner, both using Hutchinson rubber.

Hutchinson is the only bicycle tire company still manufacturing its products in France.

The right tire pressure is important, for both safety and ride quality. Here's Michelin's tire pressure guide, which is applicable to the Hutchinson tires on this page:

Michelin tire pressure guide

Hutchinson Equinox Blue folding 700 x 23 clincher tire. New, $30.00/each

  • Kevlar folding bead
  • Dual-compound tread
  • 66 tpi casing

Hutchinson Equinox Blue tire

Dual compound tire tread for better grip in cornering.

Hutchinson Equinox tire

The tire out of its packaging

Hutchinson Equinox2 folding 700 x 25 bicycle tire. New. $30.00/each

  • 66 threads per inch casing
  • Kevlar folding bead
  • Kevlar belted ("Reinforced") casing for improved flat resistance.
  • Dual tread compound is hard in the center for fast rolling and softer on the shoulders for great cornering grip.

Hutchinson Equinox2 bicycle tire

Folding Kevlar-beaded tire.

Hutchinson Equinox2 cycle tire

More info on the back of the packaging.

Hutchinson Top Slick 2 folding 26 x 1 bicycle tire. New, $50.00/each

Part# 46260

  • We have two in stock.
  • 66 threads per inch casing
  • Kevlar folding bead
  • Dual tread compound is hard in the center for fast rolling and softer on the shoulders for great cornering grip.

Hutchinson said this about the Top Slick 2 tire:

  • The Top Slick 2 is today recognized as the sportive slick urban tire with incomparable performance.
  • Numerous users also mount them on their mountain bikes or on a 2nd pair of wheels to obtain both road and performance options.
  • Thanks to its generous balloon and its efficient bi-compound composition, the Top Slick 2 will be your ally for sporting and rolling outings.

Hutchinson Top Sick tire

Designed to be an all-weather training tire.

Top Slick tire

The tire out of its package.