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IRC Clincher (wired-on)Tires

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IRC clincher tires on this page: Jetty Plus 700 x 28 folding clincher

IRC posted this short company bio: Founded in 1926 in Japan, IRC (Inoue Rubber Company), the global two-wheel tire specialist, has more than 90 years of experience developing and manufacturing tires for all types of cycling including BMX, gravel, road and mountain biking. IRC owns seven manufacturing plants worldwide and produces tires for bicycles, motorcycles and wheelchairs.

The right tire pressure is important, for both safety and ride quality. Here's Michelin's tire pressure guide, which is applicable to the IRC tires on this page:

Michelin tire pressure guide

IRC Jetty Plus 700 x 28 folding clincher tire. New, $30.00/each

Part# 46804

  • Folding Aramid (generic term for Kevlar) bead
  • IRC says its tread compound and pattern give the tire a terrific road grip in all conditions, including rain.

IRC Jetty Plus folding tire

A tire designed to get you down the road in all conditions

IRC tire

Here's the tire from a different angle