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Michelin bicycle tires

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Michelin bicycle tires on this page: Lithion black 700 x 23 | Pro Race 700 x 25 | Hi-Lite Tour 700 x 35 | Hi-Lite Supercomp HD 700 x 18 | Axial Bi-Sport 700 x 23

The Michelin multinational tire-making giant got its start in 1889 with its introduction of the removable (as opposed to glued-on) bicycle tire. This new technology got a giant boost in 1891 when Charles Terront won the first edition of the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race using these revolutionary Michelin tires.

Michelin, headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, trades back and forth with Bridgestone the status of being the world's largest tire company.

Michelin Elan tire

Introduced in the 1970s, The Michelin Elan was one of the first high-pressure clinchers.

Original Michelin tire man

For fun, here is an early Michelin Man. Michelin named their mascot "Bibendum", usually shortened to "Bib".

Michelin Folks

A couple more old-time Bibs

Bib on a bike

A more modern Bib on a bike.

Eddy Merckx with Bib

Here's Eddy Merckx with Bib. This would be after either his 1971 or 1974 World Championship victories when he was riding for Molteni.

Mike Wolfe

And here I am doing my Bibendum imitation

Michelin Lithion Black 700 x 23 folding bicycle tire. New, $30.00/each

  • Folding Kevlar bead
  • Silica-based, twin-texture tread is designed for excellent grip and efficiency
  • Overlapped, extra-supple casing is reinforced for a comfortable ride and puncture resistance

Michelin Lithion tire

Here's the tire in its factory packaging

Michelin tire

Close-up of the tread

Lition black tire

Out of its package and unfolded a bit

Michelin Pro Race 700 x 25 folding bicycle tire. Lightly used, $20.00/each

Michelin Pro Race tire

Michelin Hi-Lite Tour 700 x 35 folding bicycle tire. New, $30.00/each

Part# 46823

Folding Kevlar bead

Michelin tire

A wonderfully comfortable tire. But please make sure your bike has sufficient clearance for a 35mm wide tire.

Michelin touring tire

Another shot of the tire

Michelin Hi-Lite Tour tire

New, in the box.


Mivhelin tire

Factory info on the end of the box.

Michelin Hi-Lite Supercomp HD 700 x 18 folding bicycle tire. New, $30.00/each

  • Folding Kevlar bead.
  • This tire uses a double-density fabric weave for its casing fabric. This higher thread count gives the tire a stronger and more puncture-resistant casing.
  • This tire has a smooth tread which Michelin says is made from a special soft rubber compound.
  • This is a discontinued tire that still has a devoted following who found it one of the best-riding tires they ever used.

Michelin Supercomp HD tire

Michelin wire-beaded Axial Bi-Sport clincher tire, 700 x 23. New, $20.00/each

  • Most Axial Bi-Sport tires are folding, but this one is a rare wire-beaded version.

Michelin Axial Bi-Sport tire

Side view

Michelin Axial Bi-Sport tire

Close-up of the label.

Michelin Axial Bi-Sport tire

The tire size embossed on the sidewall.