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Panaracer Clincher (wired-on)Tires

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Panaracer clincher tires on this page: Pasela PT 700 x 32 urban commuter folding tire | Stradius Extreme 700 x 23 folding tire

The right tire pressure is important, for both safety and ride quality. Here's Michelin's tire pressure guide, which is applicable to the Panaracer tires on this page:

Michelin tire pressure guide

Panasonic Pasela PT 700 x 32 urban commuter folding tire. New, $45.00/each

Part# 46379

  • Kevlar folding bead
  • We have eight in stock.

Panaracer Pasela PT tire

Generously proportioned tire that will help smooth the wrinkles in the road.

Panaracer Pasela PT tire

Another look at the tread and sidewalls.

Panaracer Stradius Extreme 700 x 23 folding bicycle tire. New, $45.00/each

Part# 46770

  • We have two in stock
  • ZSG Ultima - Zero Slip Grip Compound
  • Folding Kevlar bead

Stradius Extreme Tire

Here's the tire.

Panasonic Stradius Extreme tire

Another view of the tire.