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Torelli Clincher (wired-on)Tires

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Torelli Open Tubular (a high-performance form of clincher tire) tires on this page: Torino | Arezzo

What is an open tubular tire? First, as far as any bike mechanic is concerned, it is a clincher tire.

But...An open tubular is a tubular (sew-up) tire whose edges have not been sewn together. Instead, a flexible bead of Kevlar is sewn along the edges turning it into, if we may be allowed to mix up our definitions here for a second, a clincher that performs almost as well as a tubular. All the techniques of making a tubular; the high-thread-count unwoven casing and the cold-treated tread application are used in the manufacture of Open Tubulars. For this reason, a rider who is not willing to suffer the trouble of dealing with sew-up glue and the tricky job of repairing a flatted sew-up, the open tubular is a wonderful choice.

Almost everything that describes tubulars applies to open tubulars. Their high-thread-count casing makes them strong, while able to roll fast and resist punctures. The cold-treated tread application along with the fine casing give the tires a wonderful feel that must be experienced to understand.

And what is this cold-treated tire-making process?

The casing fabric of a hand-made tubular (open or regular sew-up) is not woven. Very fine threads, up to 320 per inch, are laid next to each other, compressed and then bonded with a latex coating. A good tubular will have over two kilometers of thread. These threads were traditionally cotton or silk. Now polyester is usually used. The threads are not interwoven as in a normal fabric. The first ply is laid on a round form. Then, another ply is laid at a 45 degree angle on top of the first one. They are bonded with heat (but not vulcanized) and the edges are folded over. The result is a casing of incredible strength and flexibility.

Then the tread is glued to the inflated casing. This eliminates the friction between the tread and the casing. Your bike is more efficient, less energy is wasted.

Torelli Torino 700 x 23 Open Tubular tire. New, $55.00/each

Part# 46810

  • We have three in stock
  • 240 threads per inch casing
  • Natural rubber tread

Torelli Torino tire

Here's the box

Torelli Torino tire

And here's the tire.

Torelli Torino tire

More information on why an Open Tubular is superior.

Torelli Torino box

Info on the side of the box.

Torelli Arezzo 700 x 23 Open Tubular tire. New, $55.00/each

Part# 46816

  • We have two in stock.
  • 260 threads per inch casing
  • Natural rubber tread

Torelli Arezzo tire

New, in the box

Torelli Arezzo tire

Give yourself a treat and ride a true, hand-made open tubular.