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Toe straps & toe strap end buttons

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Toe straps:
Christophe/Zéfal Woven Toe Straps | Importe d'Itali single strap | Lapize Supra | Origin8 velcro double straps| Specialized Laminated | Specialized woven nylon | Sturmey-Archer Sportif | SunLite leather straps | VP red woven straps | Italian used

Toe strap buckles: Colnago

Toe Strap end buttons: Campagnolo | World Champion | Cateye chrome | Cinelli chrome | Japanese red | Reg red

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Christophe/Zéfal Black Woven Toe Straps. New, $8.00/set

Part# 67101

  • Zéfal, one of cycling's oldest manufacturers, created the Christophe brand early in the 20th century.
  • Those are Christophe toe straps in that Zéfal package.

Christophe toe straps

New, in their factory package

Christophe straps

The set of straps.

Christophe toe straps

Made in France. The firm has been able to withstand the fierce winds from Asia and cntinues to produce product in France.

Christophe toe straps

The clasps are branded Zéfal.

Importe d'Itali single leather toestrap. Used, $20.00/each

Italian toe strap

Here's the strap.

Italian toe strap

Close-up of the buckle.

Toe strap clasp

And here's the other side of the clasp

Lapize Supra toe straps. Used, $25.00/set

  • These are laminate straps. They are as stiff and non-stretching as new Binda Extras.

Lapize Supra toe straps

Here's the pair.

Lapize toe strap

Here's the embossed name of the strap.

Lapize toe strap

The clasp, marked "Made in France".

Origin8 Velcro double toe straps. New, $32.00/set

Part# 67121

Origin8 Velcro toe straps

New, on their header card.

Origin8 toe straps

You can see that they are indeed double toe straps.

Specialized Laminated Toe Straps. Used, $50.00/set

Great for that Specialized Allez bike restoration!

Specialized laminated toe straps

Since they have one of the first versions of the "Specialized" logo, these straps can't be very new. The two layers of leather with a center reinforcement can be seen.

Specialized laminated toe straps

Close-up of the clasp

Specialized woven nylon toe straps. Used

We have two sets: #1 | #2

Specialized Woven Toe Straps set #1. Used, $30.00/set

  • Made in Italy

Specialized woven toe straps

Here's the set.

Specialized toe straps

A closer view

Specialized to straps

Close-up of the clasp

Specialized toe straps

The backs of the clasps

Specialized woven nylon toe straps #2. Used, $20.00/set

Specialized toe straps

The clasps

Speialized toe straps

Here are the straps.

Sturmey-Archer Sportif Toe Straps. Used, $25.00/set

Sturmey-Archer Sportif toe straps

You won't see these every day.

Sturmey Archer toe straps

Another view

Sturmey Archer toe strap clasp

Close-up of the clasp embossed with "SA"

SunLite leather toe straps. New

  • 420mm long

We have these straps in Blue | Green | Orange | Red | Yellow

SunLite Blue Leather Toe Straps. New, $12.00/set

Part# 67108-Blue

SunLite toe straps

On their header card.

SunLite toe straps

The back of the card.

SunLite Green Leather Toe Straps. New, $12.00/set

Part# 67108-Green

SunLite green leather toe straps

SunLite Orange Leather Toe Straps. New, $12.00/set

Part# 67108-Orange

Orange toe straps

SunLite Red Leather Toe Straps. New, $12.00/set

Part# 67108-Red

SunLite red toe straps

SunLite Yellow Leather Toe Straps. New, $12.00/set

Part# 67108-Yellow

SunLite yellow toe straps

VP Red woven toe straps. Used, $12.00/set

Red woven toe straps

Italian toe straps. Used, $10.00/set

Italian toe straps

Not new, but with many miles left in them

Italian toe straps

They are made in Italy.

Colnago Toestrap Buckle. Used, $15.00/each

Colnago toe strap buckle

With the Colnago "C" and club logo

Colnago toe strap buckle

Close-up of the buckle

Campagnolo toe strap end button, ecru. Used, $25.00

  • We have one.

Campagnolo toe strap tab

This will make it easier to tighten your toe strap.

Campagnolo toe strap tab

The back side, showing the screw that keeps the tab in place.

World Champion toe strap end button. Used, $10.00

  • We have one.

World Champion toe strap button

Cateye chrome-plated toe strap end buttons. Used, $5.00

We have two #1 | #2

Cateye chrome-plated toe strap end button #1. Used, $5.00

Cateye toe strap end button

Side 1

Cateye toe strap end button

The back side

Cateye chrome-plated toe strap end button #2. Used, $5.00

Cateye toe stra end button

As you can see, made in Japan.

Cateye toe strap end button

And the flip side

Cinelli toe strap end button, chrome. Used, $25.00

We have one.

Cinelli toe strap tab

With the classic Cinelli winged "C"

Cinelli toe strap tab

The back side showing the set screw that keeps it in place.

Japanese red toe strap end buttons. Used, $20.00/pair

We have four sets

Japanese red toe strap end buttons

Reg red toe strap end buttons. New, $25.00/pair

  • We have nineteen pair
  • Made in Italy

Reg Italy toe strap end buttons