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Trike parts: parts for adult tricycles

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Parts for adult tricycles: 20-tooth freewheel | 25-tooth fixed gear | Band brake

20-tooth freewheel for adult tricycle. New, $30.00

  • We have two in stock
  • Made by Dicta of Taiwan
  • This includes the adapter (see bottom freewheel) to mount the freewheel on a trike axle. It has a set screw and a "key" to secure it to the axle.

Trike freewheel

25-tooth fixed cog for adult tricycle. New, $25.00

Trike 25-tooth fixed gear

Band brake for adult tricycle. New, $35.00

  • We have two in stock.
  • A band brake consists of a band of strong friction material which tightens around a rotating cylinder. They have been around since the middle of the 19th century.
  • Band brakes can generate a large stopping force with a very light effort.

Band brake

The bottom brake shows the band that tightens around the rotating shaft.