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Water bottles

Water bottles on this page:
Aero: Aero water bottle & cage
California Springs:
Yellow 28 oz bottle
Velcro-mount bottle & holder
Tour de France 100th Anniversary bottle & Cage | Elite Sartchari Old Style Aluminum Water Bottle
Gatorade 1993 Gatorade pro team bottle
Profile Design:
Aero Drink bottle
Crystal Polypropylene bottle
Specialized: Vintage yellow bottle
T.A.: Equipe Peugeot

Water bottle cages are posted here

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Aero water bottle & cage. New, $50.00

Aero Water bottle and cage

Bottle & cage

Aero water bottle and cage

Going the other way

Aero water bottle and cage

Top view

California Springs yellow 28oz water bottle. Used, $5.00/each

California Springs water bottle

Side view

California Springs water bottle

Cannondale Velcro mount bottle & holder. New, $50.00/each

This set comes with two bottle holders, one for frames with braze-ons and one for frames that need a clamp.

Cannondale water bottle

This picture shows both mounts.

Cannondale Velcro water bottle

The mount for frames with braze-ons.

Cannondale Velcro bottle

Close-up of the clamp-on mount,

Tour de France 100th Anniversary bottle & Cage by Elite. New, $75.00

Part# 05210

  • The Tour de France celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003. The bottle and cage set was issued to celebrate the Tour's birthday.
  • Aluminum water bottle with wood and cork top
  • Copper-colored cage

Tour de France 100th anniversary bttle and cage

New old stock.

Elite Millennium Sartchari Old Style Aluminum Water Bottle. New, $30.00

Part# 05211

Need something to really make your Eroica bike "Click"? Here it is!

Elite alloy bottle

A lovely addition to any classic bike.

Elite obttle

Another view

Gatorade/Bianchi 1993 Pro Team Bottle, made by Specialized. New, $85.00/each

  • We have two in stock.
  • It is possible that these are 1992 team bottles when Gatorade was a co-sponsor of the Chateaux d'Ax pro team.

Gatorade bottle

Still new after three decades.

Gatorade bottle

Slightly turned for a different view

Gatorade bottle

The bottom of the bottle

Gianni Buglo

Here's World Road Champion Gianni Bugno in 1993 on his Bianchi with a Gatorade bottle in the cage.

Profile Design Aero Drink Bottle. New, $15.00

Part# 05126

Profile Aero Drink bottle

Side view

Profile Aero Drink bottle

Front view. It really is designed to slide thorugh the air.

Soma Crystal Polypropylene bottle. New, $8.00

Part# 04314

We have these in Clear | Blue | Smoke

  • With this bottle your water will have no plastic taste.
  • No chemical leaching
  • Made from food-grade polypropylene
  • FDA certified

Soma Crystal bottle

The packaging gives all the details

Soma Crystal Polypropylene clear bottle. New, $8.00

  • We have three in stock

Soma Crystal bottle

Here's the clear one.

Soma Crystal Polypropylene blue bottle. New, $8.00

  • We have three in stock

Soma Crystal bottle

Soma Crystal Polypropylene smoke-colored bottle. New, $8.00

  • We have two in stock

Soma smoke-colored bottle

Vintage Specialized Yellow water bottle. New/used?, $40.00/each

  • We do not know if this bottle is new or used.

Specialized vintage bottle

Side view. New or used, we don't know. But it is in lovely condition.

Specialized water bottle

The bottom of the bottle.

Equipe [Team] Peugeot Bottles by Spécialités T.A. New old stock, $125.00/each

  • We have four in stock.

Equipe Peugeot water bottle

1986 was the Peugeot pro team's last year.

TA water bottle

The top of the bottle and the T.A. stopper.

TA water bottle

Here's the bottom of the bottle. It was made by T.A. in France.