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Water bottles

Water bottles on this page:
Aero: Aero water bottle & cage
Velcro-mount bottle & holder
Tour de France 100th Anniversary bottle & Cage | Elite Sartchari Old Style Aluminum Water Bottle
Profile Design: Aero Drink bottle
Soma: Crystal Polypropylene bottle

Water bottle cages are posted here

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Aero water bottle & cage. New, $50.00

Aero Water bottle and cage

Bottle & cage

Aero water bottle and cage

Going the other way

Aero water bottle and cage

Top view

Cannondale Velcro mount bottle & holder. New, $50.00

This set comes with two bottle holders, one for frames with braze-ons and one for frames that need a clamp.

Cannondale water bottle

This picture shows both mounts.

Cannondale Velcro water bottle

The mount for frames with braze-ons.

Cannondale Velcro bottle

Close-up of the clamp-on mount,

Tour de France 100th Anniversary bottle & Cage by Elite. New, $75.00

Part# 05210

  • The Tour de France celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2003. The bottle and cage set was issued to celebrate the Tour's birthday.
  • Aluminum water bottle with wood and cork top
  • Copper-colored cage

Tour de France 100th anniversary bttle and cage

New old stock.

Elite Millennium Sartchari Old Style Aluminum Water Bottle. New, $30.00

Part# 05211

Need something to really make your Eroica bike "Click"? Here it is!

Elite alloy bottle

A lovely addition to any classic bike.

Elite obttle

Another view

Profile Design Aero Drink Bottle. New, $15.00

Part# 05126

Profile Aero Drink bottle

Side view

Profile Aero Drink bottle

Front view. It really is designed to slide thorugh the air.

Soma Crystal Polypropylene bottle. New, $8.00

Part# 04314

We have these in Clear | Blue | Smoke

  • With this bottle your water will have no plastic taste.
  • No chemical leaching
  • Made from food-grade polypropylene
  • FDA certified

Soma Crystal bottle

The packaging gives all the details

Soma Crystal Polypropylene clear bottle. New, $8.00

We have three in stock

Soma Crystal bottle

Here's the clear one.

Soma Crystal Polypropylene blue bottle. New, $8.00

We have three in stock

Soma Crystal bottle

Soma Crystal Polypropylene smoke-colored bottle. New, $8.00

Soma Crystal bottle