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Mr. Crud DCD [Dave's Chain Device]. Used, $30.00

We have two: DCD #1 | DCD #2

Here is the maker's explanation of the DCD:

"The first Downhill races that I remember were in about 1989 at Bosley, near Macclesfield, and took place just before the day’s crosscountry races. They were quite popular, but favoured the fit and strong, with fireroads and few corners. About the same time, there was an annual series of 3 races based around the North York Moors with a downhill in the mornings. The downhill scene quickly developed nationwide in the early ’90s, and was adopted by MBUK and others as the cutting edge of MTB sport.

"It became clear very early on that the bikes needed something to stop chain derailment (a common problem before suspension). I designed and tested a prototype DCD in about 1993, and showed it to Rob at H+B Metal Pressings in Scarborough. He had a quiet fortnight coming up, so we worked between 6pm and 3am in his freezing cold workshops every night for two weeks to develop the product and the tools to make it. I had anticipated total sales worldwide of 2,000, but we broke through that in the first month.

"Even sold quite a few to Japan."

Mr Crud DCD

Here is a DCD mounted on a bike.

Mr Crud DCD #1. Used, $30.00

Mr Crud DCD

This piece has seen some fun, but is ready for more time in the dirt.

Mr. Crud DCD

Here's how your derialleur will see the DCD.

Mr Crud DCD #2. Used, $30.00

Mr Crud DCD

A simple yet supremely functional part.

Mr. Crud DCD

And the back of the DCD.

Anti-chain suck bolt-on. Used, $15.00

Chain suck: When the chain fails to release from a chainring as the crank turns. The chain sticks to the teeth of the ring as the ring rotates, wrapping around the ring and bringing the crank (and possibly the bike) to a halt. This usually happens during a shift.

This device, which bolts on like a kickstand, forces the chain to disengage from the ring, reducing the chance of chain suck.

Anti Chain suck

Simple and effective

Anti-chain suck

From the other side.

Biko Cog Comb for 7 & 8-speed cogsets. New, $25.00

Part# 60090

When attached to the frame, this comb keeps debris from accumulating in the cogs.

Biko Cog Comb

Potts Design In Line Cable Luber. New, $10.00

Part# 16093

  • Produced in the mid-1990s
  • Mount them at your barrel adjusters, and simply inject lube into the valve.
  • Compatible with any brake or shifter system, mountain or road.

Potts In Line cable luber

Lubing cables made easy

Rock Ring chainring protector for 46-tooth big ring x 110mm-bolt pattern. Used, $35.00

Part# 62200

The Rock Ring bolts onto your cranks on the outer side of the outer chainring by using longer bolts. The Rock Ring is larger in diameter than the chainring and made of somewhat thicker aluminum. When your chainring would previously have taken a direct hit, with the Rock Ring in place, it will now get the bashing.

Made of 2024-T3 aluminum

Rock Ring

Protect your chainrings with a Rock Ring

Rock Ring

And the back side of the Rock Ring.