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On this page: Mirrycle rear-view mirror | Rhode Gear/Bell velcro mount brake lever mirror | Wudi Sports velcro mount brake lever mirror | Take A Look rear-view mirror | Nob XL aerobar computer/Headlight/Heart Rate Monitor mount | Nob aerobar computer mount | Soma top tube protector/pad | Head tube 4mm barrel adjusters | 3rd Eye Chain Watcher | Origin8 Chain Watcher | Chainstay protectors | Rhode Gear Flickstand | Bicycle chain bottle opener | Ball needle inflator

Handlebar end plugs: Ciclolinea Italian Flag bar plugs | Soma Italian Flag bar plugs | Cinelli blue rubber bar plugs

Bicycle security: Flexweave 7" security cable

Dropout adjusters: Plastic adjustable | Steel adjustable

Rim strips: Origin8 Pro Pulsion 700C x 16mm

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This page is a collection of items that just won't fit anywhere else on our site. They are all useful and well-made.

Mirrycle non-aero rear-view mirror, modified. Used, $35.00/each

The brake cable passes through the mount.

The original Mirrycle was plastic where this is metal. The plastic portion that was vertical where the cable passed through often cracked when the fastener was over-tightened. The original used the junctions like the current one installed in the end of the handlebar, and broke upon impact. Someone customized this one with some real welding skill.

Mirrycle mirror

The brake cable passes through the threaded mount.


Here's the mirror flipped over.

Rhode Gear (Bell) Velcro Brake Lever Mirror. Used

Rhode Gear Mirrors was purchased by Bell when Rhode Gear went out of business.

We have two velcro-mount mirrors: #1 | #2

Rhode Gear (Bell) Velcro Brake Lever Mirror #1. Used, $30.00/each

Rhode Gear Brake Lever mirror

It just velcros on to the lever. Mounting directions are posted below.

Rhode Gear mirror

Here's the back of the mirror

Rhode Gear brake lever mirror

Mounting instructions. These will not come with the mirror. We found this picture on the internet.

Bell (originally Rhode Gear) Velcro Brake Lever Mirror #2. Used, $15.00/each

Bell Vecro mount mirror

With the velcro strap, the mirror is simple to mount

Bell bike mirror

Here's the back of the mirror

Bell bike mirror

An end view

Wudi Sports Velcro Brake Lever Mirror. Used, $10.00/each

Wudi Sports mirror

It just velcros on to the brake lever.

Wudi Sports mirror

Here's the back of the mirror. You can see the various joints that allow it to be easily adjusted.

Wudi Sports mirror

End view

Take A Look rear-view mirror. New, $20.00/each

Part# 00314

This is the original, designed to be used on helmet visors or eyeglasses.

Take-A-Look Mirror

Here's the mirror

Tak  A Look Mirror

Here are the directions, showing how to mount it. Note the guarantee. No room for quibbling there.

Take A Look mirror

Here's a Take A Look mirror mounted on a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses. This is the shorter, compact version, which we have in stock. If you want one, shoot us an email:

Take A Look rear view mirror

This top view really makes things clear.

Take A look cycloing mirror

Mounted and ready for a ride.

Take A Look mirror

Here's the mirror in its factory packaging.

Take A Look Mirror

Here's the other side of the card without the mirror in the w

The Nob XL Aerobar Computer/Headlight/Heart Rate Monitor mount. New, $15.00/each

Part# 09099

Nob Aerbar computer mount

The mount.

Nob computer mount

How to mount it and how it works.

Nob Computer mount

The front of the header card.

The Nob Aerobar Mount for standard cycling computers. New, $15.00/each

Part# 09100

Nob aerobar computer mount. New

Part# 09100


Soma Top Tube Protector/Pad. New, $15.00

Part# 16305

  • We have 4 in stock.
  • 60% Hemp/40% cotton
  • Black
  • 17 inches long
  • Loop to secure your pad when you lock your bike.

Soma Top Tube protector

Simple and well-designed.

Head tube 4mm barrel adjusters. New, $5.00/each adjuster

Part# 81154

Many bikes have threaded shifter cable receivers on their head tubes for these cable barrel adjusters.

Torelli Corsa Strada

Here's an example of just such a set-up.

Head tube barrel adjusters

And here are a couple of the barrel adjusters that we have for sale.

Ciclolinea Italian flag hanbdlebar end plugs. New, $5.00/pair

Part# 38307

Handlebar end plugs

Molto Italiano!

Soma Italian Flag Bar Plugs. New, $5.00/set

Part# 38307

Italian handlbar end plugs

Red white and green. Perfect for that hand-made Italian masterpiece you are riding.

Soma handlebar plugs

The back of the card holding the plugs

Cinelli blue rubber handlebar end plugs. $50.00/set

Cinelli handlebar end plugs

3rd Eye Chain Watcher. New, $12.00

Part# 64501

  • This clever device prevents your chain from falling off the inner chainring during downshifts.

Third Eye Chain Watcher

A brilliant idea.

Third Eye Chain Watcher

Here's the back of the package with the directions

Origin8 Chainwatcher. New, $15.00/each

Part# 64503

  • This clever device prevents your chain from falling off the inner chainring during downshifts.

Origin8 chainwatcher

28.6mm diameter

Origin8 chainwatcher

Here's what it looks like installed.

Chainstay protectors: IRD Carbon | Lizard Skins | Wheels Mfg Black | Wheels Mfg Clear

IRD Carbon Chainstay Protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

IRD Carbon chainstay protector

Lizard Skins Neoprene Chainstay Protector. New, $10.00/each

Part# 16030

Chainstay protector

Neoprene was the first good synthetic rubber.

Lizard Skins chainstay protector

The other side of the protector

Wheels Mfg Black chainstay protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

Wheels chainstay protector

Wheels Mfg Clear chainstay protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

Wheels clear chainstay protector

Rhode Gear Flickstand. Lightly used, $50.00/each

  • It comes with two stand wires (see picture 4) to better accomodate different bikes.

Rhode Gear Flickstand

Side view

Rhode Gear flickstand

The other side.

Rhode Gear flickstand

From above.


It comes with two different stand wires to better fit different bikes.

Rhode Gear Flickstand

The box has suffered over the decades, but we still have it and here's a bit more info.

Rhode Gear Flickstand

The other side of the box with more info.

Bicycle chain bottle opener, green. New, $12.00/each

Bicycle Chain bottle opener

Ball Needle inflator. New, $1.00/each

You were going to ride to the basketball courts to shoot some hoops, but the ball needs inflating. Here you go.

Ball Needle inflator

Flexweave 7' x 3/8" Security Cable. New, $25.00/each

Part# 08111

  • We have 13 in stock
  • This fine security cable is no longer made.
  • We like this cable. Our experience has been that unlike many others, this USA-made cable has a clear vinyl coating that doesn't dry out and crack.

Flexweave security cable

Made by Kabletek Mfg.

Flexweave security cable

Close-up of the information tag.

Plastic dropout Adjusters. Used, $15.00/set

Dropout adjuster

View one.

Plastic dropout adjusters

View 2

Steel dropout adjusters. Used, $10.00/set

Steel dropout adjusters

Well used, but perfectly serviceable.

Dropout adjusters

Another view

Origin8 Pro Pulsion 700C x 16mm Rimstrips. New, $5.00/each rimstrip

Part# 48224

These rim strips are a real problem solver for rims that have spoke openings from shoulder to shoulder with very little material between the opening and the sidewall of the rim.  Thinner than Velox, and much easier to use, especially when replacing a spoke!

Origin8 rim strips

Here's the box. Though there are two in a box, we sell them individually.

Origin8 rim strips

Here are the rim strips.