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On this page: Soma top tube protector/pad | Head tube 4mm barrel adjusters | Dia Compe top tube brake cable clamps | Cinelli blue rubber bar plugs | 3rd Eye Chain Watcher | Chainstay protectors | Ball needle inflator

Dropout adjusters: Plastic adjustable | Steel adjustable

Seat post binders: Salsa Flip-Lock 32mm black quick-release seat post clamp | Fuji quick-release 30.6mm silver seat tube clamp | Black quick-release 30.6mm seat tube clamp | Titanium seat binder bolt

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This page is a collection of items that just won't fit anywhere else on our site. They are all useful and well-made.

Soma Top Tube Protector/Pad. New, $15.00

Part# 16305

  • We have 4 in stock.
  • 60% Hemp/40% cotton
  • Black
  • 17 inches long
  • Loop to secure your pad when you lock your bike.

Soma Top Tube protector

Simple and well-designed.

Head tube 4mm barrel adjusters. New, $5.00/each adjuster

Part# 81154

Many bikes have threaded shifter cable receivers on their head tubes for these cable barrel adjusters.

Torelli Corsa Strada

Here's an example of just such a set-up.

Head tube barrel adjusters

And here are a couple of the barrel adjusters that we have for sale.

Dia-Compe top-tube brake cable clamps, set of three. Used, $15.00

Dia Compe Brake Cable clamps

In lovely condition

Dia Compe brake cable clamps

Another view

Cinelli blue rubber handlebar end plugs. $50.00/set

Cinelli handlebar end plugs

3rd Eye Chain Watcher. New, $12.00

Part# 64501

This clever device prevents your chain from falling off the inner chainring during downshifts.

Third Eye Chain Watcher

A brilliant idea.

Third Eye Chain Watcher

Here's the back of the package with the directions

Chainstay protectors: IRD Carbon | Wheels Mfg Black | Wheels Mfg Clear

IRD Carbon Chainstay Protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

IRD Carbon chainstay protector

Wheels Mfg Black chainstay protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

Wheels chainstay protector

Wheels Mfg Clear chainstay protector. New, $8.00

Part# 16301

Wheels clear chainstay protector

Ball Needle inflator. New, $1.00/each

You were going to ride to the basketball courts to shoot some hoops, but the ball needs inflating. Here you go.

Ball Needle inflator

Plastic dropout Adjusters. Used, $15.00/set

Dropout adjuster

View one.

Plastic dropout adjusters

View 2

Steel dropout adjusters. Used, $10.00/set

Steel dropout adjusters

Well used, but perfectly serviceable.

Dropout adjusters

Another view

Salsa Flip-Lock quick-release 32.0 mm black seat post clamp. New, $35.00

Part# 44199

Salsa Flip lock

This makes it easy to adjust your seat height.

Salsa Flip lock

Another view

Fuji quick-release 30.6mm silver seat tube clamp. Used, $10.00

Fuji Seat tube clamp

Top view

Seat tube quick release clamp

From behind

Fuji Seat clamp

And from the top.

Black quick-release 30.6mm seat tube clamp. Used, $10.00

We don't know who made this clamp.

Seat tube clamp

Top view

Black seat tube clamp

Another view

Titanium seat binder bolt by Wheels Manufacturing. New, $30.00

Part# 44107

  • Machined 2024 aluminum nut, blue anodized
  • Titanium bolt (despite header card note that it is steel)

Wheels Titianium seat binder