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Bullseye bottom bracket parts

Bullseye bottom bracket parts on this page: 120mm spindle | 126.5mm spindle | 127.5mm spindle | Roller Bracket

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Bullseye bottom bracket

Here's a Bullseye bottom bracket ad from 1979. The spindle alignment in this design is held in place by the internal lock rings. This allows the spindle to be perfectly placed for optimal alignment.

Bullseye 120mm bottom bracket spindle, 15.8mm diameter. Used, $25.00/each

Bullseye bottom bracket spindle

Bullseye 126.5mm bottom bracket spindle, 15.8mm diameter. Used, $20.00/each

We believe this is a Bullseye spindle, but cannot say so for a metaphysical certainty.

Bullseye bottom bracket spindle

Here's the spindle

Bullseye 127.5mm bottom bracket spindle, 15.8mm diameter. New, $50.00/each

Part# 68111

Bullseye spindle

Bullseye Roller Bracket with English threads, without spindle. Used, $150.00/each

More Bullseye Roller Bracket pictures and info can be found here.

Roller Bracket

Here's the Bullseye ad from 1979 for the Roller Bracket.

Bullseye Roller Bracket

Here is the bottom bracket, but note that it comes without a spindle.

Bullseye bottom bracket

Another view of the disassembled bottom bracket

Bullseye Bottom Bracket

Almost completey apart

Bulleye Roller Bracket

Here is the bottom bracket put together