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Vintage Components - Mavic bottom brackets

Mavic bottom brackets on this page: 610 cartridge 68 x 130

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Mavic 610 68 x 130 cartridge bottom bracket. Lightly used, $125.00/each

This style of bottom bracket is also available as a Stronglight JP1000 cartridge bottom bracket.

This might be the finest bottom bracket ever made.

The website wrote:
"The 610 bottom bracket is amongst the best bottom brackets ever made. It was not lightweight, weighing in at 285g for a 114 mm bottom bracket, but it fits any bottom bracket box whether it is Italian, English or metric. It would even fit a bracket with wasted threads thanks to its ‘universal floating’ concept."

This bottom bracket requires a special bottom bracket shell preparation, wherein the two sides of the shell are chamfered. The bottom bracket's two lock rings are screwed tightly against the chamfered sides of the shell. The shell's threads are not used. Good pro shops have the special Mavic bottom bracket prep tools.

Note: We have not yet photographed the 68 x 130 bottom braket we have in stock. The photos below are of a 68 x 114 that we recently sold and no longer have in stock.

Mavic Bottom bracket

Here's the Mavic cartridge bottom bracket with the two lock rings that tighten against a bottom bracket shell's sides with tapered chamfers.

Mavic bottom bracket

Hee's an end view.