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Vintage Components - Phillips bottom bracket parts

Phillips bottom bracket parts on this page: 135mm cotter spindle

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Phillips was an English bike manufacturer that was started in the early 20th century. The company was acquired by Raleigh in the 1980s, which then became part of TI Investments. Soon thereafter production of Phillips product in the UK ceased. The brand is now licensed to various Asian firms who make both Phillips bikes and mopeds.

Phillips 135mm Cotter Spindle. Used, $25.00/each

Phillips cotter spindle

We do not know how old this spindle is. But it is older than most people alive today. There is a 3 -73 stamp on it. March 1973?

Phillips cotter spindle

Close-up of the center section. You can see the "3-73" stamp.

Phillips spindle

A better view of the spindle's center section.

Phillips spindle

Made in England,