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Syncros bottom brackets

Syncros bottom brackets on this page: Hardcore Titanium 68 x 130mm English

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Synchros Hardcore Titanium English bottom bracket 68mm x 130mm. Used, $200.00/each

Part# 63167

  • Though not in the picture, we do have a set of lockrings we can supply with this bottom bracket
  • With two floating cups secured by lockrings, it allows for an adjustable chainline.
  • It uses 61903 Bearings-7Wx18 IDx30 OD

Syncros Titanium bottom bracket

A nicely-made piece of work.

Syncros bottom bracket

End view

Syncros bottom bracket

Slightly disassembled

Syncros Titanium bottom bracket

The cup turned over to show the bearing

Syncros titanium bottom bracket

Here's the info on the bearings