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Tandem bottom brackets and bottom bracket parts

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Eccentrics: Burley 45mm diam x 76mm with 130mm axle/BB | Burley 45mm diam x 76mm with 117mm axle/BB | Cannondale new eccentric | Cannondale used eccentric | Eccentric fixing bolt | Cannondale eccentric fixing nut

Bottom brackets, bearings & axles: Burley 130mm bottom axle w/6203 bearings | Burley children's stoker bottom bracket

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Bottom bracket eccentrics:

Burley eccentric 45mm diameter x 76mm with 130mm axle bottom bracket. Used, $100.00

Comes with 6003 sealed bearings

Burley bottom bracket eccentric

Eccentric with axle and bearings.

Burley eccentric 45mm diameter x 76mm with 117mm axle bottom bracket. Used, $125.00

Comes with 6003 sealed bearings

Burley Bottom bracket

The 6003 bearings are easy to find if they ever need to be replaced.

Burley tandem bottom bracket

Another view

Cannondale bottom bracket eccentric. New, $100.00

Cannondale eccentric

From one side...

Cannondale eccentric

...and the other side.

Cannondale bottom bracket eccentric. Used, $50.00

Cannondale Eccentric

Lots of miles left in this eccentric.

Cannondale used eccentric

Viewed from the other side

Bottom bracket eccentric fixing bolt. $10

Part# 63291

We currently have four different bolts. Have a need? Drop us an email:

Eccentric fixing bolts

Cannondale bottom bracket eccentric fixing nut. $10

Part# 63290

We have three in stock

Cannondale Eccentric fixing nust

Note that one has a slotted end.

Cannondale exxcentric nuts

Another view

Bottom Brackets, axles and bearings

Burley 130mm bottom bracket axle with 6203 sealed bearings. Used, $50.00

Burely Tandem bottom bracket axle

Burley Children's stoker bottom bracket, 37mm diameter bearing shell w/140mm axle. Used, $100.00

  • Bearing casing is 37mm in diameter, 65mm long.
  • Axle is 140mm long.
  • Bearings are #6003

Burley child's stikcer bb

Top view

Burley bottom bracket

Another view