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Vintage Components - Nervar bottom brackets and bottom bracket parts

Nervar bottom brackets on this page: Nervar Star 68mm x 115mm French-threaded BB

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Nervar is one of the forgotten brands of French component manufaturing, and this is unjust. Nervar parts were well-made and used on a wide range of French and Italian bikes.

Because Nervar used standard ISO spindle taper and crank-arms puller threads, unlike many other French parts, Nervar component are easy to service.

Spindle notes:

For those buying our vintage Nervar spindles, they have ISO square spindle taper. These are compatible with Campagnolo, older Stronglight, and T.A.

If you have a JIS crankset (Ritchey, S.R. most Shimano, Specialized and Sugino) the crankarms will sit about 4.5 mm closer to the frame when using an ISO spindle than if a JIS spindle were used.

Nervar Star 68mm x 115mm French threaded (35mm x 1mm) bottom bracket. Used, $35.00

Note: There is a pit in both the spindle & the fixed cup.

Nervar Star bottom bracket

Here's the bottom bracket.

Nervar Star bottom bracket

The cups and bearings turned over

Nervar star bottom bracket

Here's a close-up of the spindle, showing its pit.

Nervar Star bottom bracket

Here's the pit in the bearing surface of the fixed cup.

Adjustable cup

The bearing surface of the adjustable cup.