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Vintage Components - Sugino Bottom Brackets & bottom bracket parts

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Bottom brackets: CBBF-English 68mm x 119 bottom bracket | Mighty English-threaded bottom bracket
Spindles: Mighty MW 68mm x 113mm spindle | Mighty MW 70mm x 113mm spindle | Mighty Tour 68mm x 119mm triple spindle
Cups: English-threaded fixed cup | French-threaded cup set | French-threaded adjustable cup
Crank bolts & Sleeves: 15mm Chrome crank-fixing bolts | Sleeve

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Sugino is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. Founded in 1910, the firm has been dedicated for more than a century to the manufacture of cranksets. During the 1970s bike boom, Sugino components were everywhere. That their chainrings were interchangeable with Campagnolo made them the go-to replacement for nearly everybody.

Sugino CBBF English 68mm x 119 sealed cartridge bottom bracket. New, $40.00

  • Cups are steel
  • Cro-moly spindle

Sugino CBBF bottom bracket

New, in the box

Sugino Mighty Bottom bracket. 68mm spindle w/ English threaded cups (1.37 x 24) - used, $70.00

Part# BB-35

We date this bottom bracket to the late 1970s.

Sugino Mighty bottom bracket

A classic bottom bracket from the 1970s

Sugino bottom bracket

The excellent bearing surfaces can be seen in this picture. And we do carry ball bearings for this set.

Sugino Mighty MW 68mm x 113mm spindle. Used, $45.00

Part# 68117

Sugino Mighty Spindle

Nearly new....

Sugino Mighty MW 70mm x 113mm spindle.

We have two: #1 | #2

Sugino Mighty MW 70mm x 113mm spindle #1. Used, $45.00

Part# 68118

70mm for Italian bottom brackets

Sugino Mighty Spindle

This spindle looks as close to new as possible without being new.

Sugino Mighty MW 70mm x 113mm spindle #2. Used, $45.00

Part# 68118-02

70mm for Italian bottom brackets

Sugino spindle

Ready for your bike

Sugino Spindle

Another view

Sugino Mighty Tour 68mm x 119mm triple spindle. Used, $45.00

Part# 68119

Sugino Mighty Tour spoindle

Almost, but not quite new

Sugino English-threaded fixed cup. Used, $30.00

Sugino English fixed cup

The outside

Sugino englis-threaded fixed cup

The business side. Nice.

Sugino French-threaded (35 x 1) cup set. Used, $30.00/set

Sugino French cup set

The outsides

Sugino French cups

The bearing surfaces

Sugino French-threaded (35 x 1) adjustable cup with lock ring. Used, $15.00

Sugino Adjustable bottom bracket cup

Sugino makes it easy to know this cup is French threaded.

Sugino adjustable bottom bracket cup

We've brightened this picture a lot to show theimperfection in the bearing surface.

Sugino 15mm chrome crank-fixing bolts. Used, $15.00/pair (set)

Sugino Chrome Crank Fixing Bolts

A nice touch for that restoration project.

Sugino Chrome crankbolts

Esentially a side view of the bolts

Sugino Chrome crankbolts

The bolts the way your crankset will see them

Sugino bottom bracket sleeve. Used, $5.00/each

Sugino Bottom Bracket sleeve

A small plastic accordion protecting the bottom bracket can save a lot of grief.

Sugino Bottom Bracket sleeve

Here it is from another angle