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Vintage Components - SunTour Bottom Brackets

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On this page: XC Pro English bottom bracket with Grease Guard | 68mm x 127mm triple Grease Guard spindle | XC Comp English bottom bracket | Cyclone English bottom bracket

SunTour XC Pro English bottom bracket with SunTour Grease Guard System. New old stock, $100

We have several, all English threaded: 1.37 x 24

With these spindles:

68mm x 127.5
73mm x 118
73mm x 130 (we have three of these)

This bottom bracket uses Wilderness Trail Bike's "Grease Guard" system. The crank bolts are hollow, allowing grease injection into the bottom bracket and out ports on the spindle. The dust caps have rubber seals. Neat!

These were produced in the 1980s.

SunTour XC Pro bottom bracket

New, with orginal packaging.

Suntour 68mm x 127mm Grease Guard Triple Spindle. Used, $45.00

  • For triple cranksets
  • Embossed on the spindle: ML-XP-68

Su Tour grease guard spindle

For double cranksets

SunTour XC Comp English bottom bracket. New old stock, $70.00

We have two, English threaded, 1.37 x 24

68 x 127.5
68 x 128.5

SunTour CX Comp bottom bracket

New, with original packaging

SunTour Cyclone bottom bracket. 68mm spindle w/ English threaded cups (1.37 x 24)- $60.00

Part# BB-36

Spindle length: 113mm

SunTour Cyclone bottom brackets were produced in the 1980s. The cups have seals that generally keep water from getting into the bearings.

SunTour bottom brackets were made to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). That means the taper matches Sugino and is very close to Campagnolo. Most users find all three interchangable.

Ours is in excellent condition with one small, slight imperfection in the adjustable cup bearing surface

Cyclone bottom bracket

You can see the rubber seals that protect the bearings

SunTour Cyclone bottom bracket

View of the bearing surfaces