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Sachs Brakes

Sachs brakes on this page: New Success cantilever calipers

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Sachs New Success cantilever calipers. Used, $200.00/set front & rear

Pads are not included with this sale. If you need pads, we have Kool-Stop cantilever pads in stock. Just ask us.

Sachs New Succes camtilever calipers

The fronts of the calipers

Sachs New Success calipers

Side view

Sachs New Success cantilever calipers

Here are the calipers turned over to show their other sides.

Sachs cantilver calipers

The backs of the calipers

Sachs New Success caliper

Here's a close-up of one lever.

Sachs New Success Cantilever caliper

Side view

Sachs New Success caliper

The other side

Sachs caliper

And here is a close-up of the back of the caliper