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Band brakes and band brake parts

Band brakes on this page: Aise band brake | Super Brake band brake #1 | Super Brake band brake #2 | Band brake chrome cover & drum | Band brake white cover & drum | Band brake parts | Band brake shoe

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A band brake uses a flexible band that wraps around the outside of a drum. Pulling on a brake lever connected to the band tightens the band and slows the bike. They are very powerful and quite popular in Japan. As the brake is tightened, the wheel’s turning force makes the band even tighter, multiplying the rider’s braking efforts.

For this reason, band brakes should only be mounted on rear wheels, never on a front wheel.

Also, though powerful, band brakes do not dissipate heat well, so they should not be used on long downhills.

Aise 70 band brake. Used, $10.00/each

This brake is missing its drum. It is a great source for rare parts, however.

Aise band brake

Here's the brake, missing its drum.

Aise band brake

Here it is turned over.

Super Brake band brake #1. Used, $20.00/each

Super band brake

The outside of the brake

Super Band Brake

Slightly disassembled.

Super Band Brake

Flipped over, showing its parts

Super Band Brake


Super Brake band brake #2. Used, $20.00/each

Super Brake band brake

In lovely condition

Super Brake band brake

Slightly disassembled.

Super Brake band brake

Flipped over, showing some of its parts

super Brake

The brake's small parts

Band Brake Chrome Cover & Drum. Used, $10.00/each

Band brake cover and drum

Two needed parts in a band brake.

Band brake cover

The outside of the chrome band brake cover

Band Brake White Cover & Drum. Used, $10.00/each

Band brake cover and drum

The cover and the drum

Band brake

The white band brake cover turned over

Band Brake Parts, assorted. Used, $5.00/as pictured

Band brake parts

Band Brake Shoe. Used, $10.00/each

Band brake shoe

They do wear out. This one has many stops left in it.

Band brake shoe

Another view