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Modern Components - Campagnolo Chorus Brakes

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Until Campagnolo set the world on its ear with it Record sidepull brakes in 1968, high-performance brakes were centerpull. The most notable centerpull was the Mafac Racer, made famous by five-time Tour de France winner Jacques Anquetil.

Since then, Campagnolo brakes have been sought-after works of functional art.

Campagnolo Chorus Differential Caliper Set. New, $200.00

Part# 81095

  • We have 28 sets in stock
  • Produced about 2006
  • Made in Italy

The front is a powerful dual pivot caliper while the rear is a single pivot. Since the rider's weight gets thrown to the front during braking, by making the rear caliper slightly less powerful, the rider has a smaller chance of causing the rear wheel to skid.

Campagnolo Chorus calipers

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Campagnolo chrosu calipers

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Campagnolo Chorus calipers

From the back. The front caliper on the right is dual-pivot and the rear caliper on the left is single-pivot. This creates a perfectly balanced braking force as the rider's weight is thrown forward during braking.