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Modern Components - Campagnolo Cantilever Brakes - Out of stock

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On this page: No Campagnolo Cantilever brake calipers currently in stock

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Campagnolo CX Cantilever calipers, black. None in stock

We have left this product up for informational puposes.

Here's what Campagnolo had to say about these calipers:

The new Campagnolo CX Cantilever Brakes have been specially developed to interact perfectly with the Campagnolo Ergopower 10-speed and 11-speed controls. The form of the brakes is optimised to guarantee the best transfer of braking force from the levers to the wheel and to prevent mud from accumulating between the wheel and the brakes. The brake pads are adjustable and the distance between breaking pads ranges from 20mm to 35mm, which makes it possible to use tyres ranging from 19 to 35mm and rims from 19 to 22mm. Cable tension adjustment is fast and precise using a wheel system. The weight of the CX cantilever brakes is only 138 grams (weight including cables and accessories).

Campagnolo cantilevers

Here's what they look like with their factory packaging.