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Modern Components - Campagnolo Mirage Brakes

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Mirage brakes on this page: Mirage monoplaner caliper set

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Until Campagnolo set the world on its ear with its Record sidepull brakes in 1968, high-performance brakes were centerpull. The most notable centerpull was the Mafac Racer, made famous by five-time Tour de France winner Jacques Anquetil.

Since then, Campagnolo brakes have been sought-after works of functional art.

Campagnolo Mirage monoplaner brake calipers. used $50.00

Part# BR-09

These calipers were produced in the early to mid-1990s.

This was Campagnolo's most advanced single-pivot design, used in Chorus, Athena, Veloce and Mirage calipers. In 1994 Campagnolo began producing dual-pivot calipers and slowly integrated them into the whole line. By 1998 all Campagnolo calipers were dual pivot.

The monoplaner design had a lot going for it. The forces were centered in a single plane on the pivot, instead of having them slightly offset as in normal single-pivot side pulls

This pair is short-reach, 39mm - 49mm

Mirage monoplaner calipers

They still have their factory original HPB Comp brake pads. The front caliper's adjusting barrel has lost its anodization.

Campagnolo Mirage monoplaner calipers

From the back.

Campagnolo Mirage caliper

Close-up of the front caliper showing the HPB pads and the fine condition of the screened logo and model name.