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Vintage Components - German Dual-Pivot Long-Reach Brake calipers

On this page: Dual-pivot long-reach brake calipers

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German Long-Reach Dual-Pivot brake calipers. Used, $100.00

We don't know the maker of these nicely-made dual-pivot brake calipers. We know they were made in Germany, but that's about it.

They are long reach, good for a bike with fenders and/or fatter tires. Reach is about 85mm

Long reach calipers

Lots of clearance here.

Long reach caliper

The other caliper

Rear caliper side view

Side view of the front caliper

German long-reach caliper

And the front caliper from the other side

German long calipers

And here's the rear caliper

German long-reach caliper

Here it is flipped around

German long reach caliper

Here's the back of the front caliper

German long reach caliper

Back of the rear caliper

German made calipers

Nicely finished.