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CLB Brake Levers

CLB brake levers on this page: 1970s CLB brake levers

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CLB (or Angénieux CLB) began making brakes and brake parts in 1931. CLB stands for founder Charles Lauzier Bourgoin. In the 1970s CLB brakes were noted for their lightness.

Sometime in the late 1980s the firm seems to have vanished. Surely another victim of Asian production.

CLB Brake Levers of the 1970s. Used, $75.00/set

CLB brak elevers

Front view

CLB brake levers

Side view

CLB brake levers

Here are the levers flipped over.

CLB brake lever

The levers have adjusting barrels

CLB brake lever

Another close-up of the lever and its adjusting barrel

CLB brake lever

Inside the lever, showing the nut that tightens the handlebar clamp.

CLB brake levers

From behind