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Tektro Brake Levers

Tektro brake levers on this page: X-Top brake Levers for 26.0 bars | V-Brake levers

Tektro brakes are posted here.

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Founded in 1986, Tektro of Taiwan produces 13 million brakes a year.

Tektro X-Top brake Levers for 26.0 bars. Used, $25.00/set

X-Top levers (sometimes called "In-line" levers) are mounted on the tops of drop bars. The brake cable from the drop bar brake lever (either an integrated/brake-shift or simple brake lever) is threaded through the X-Top lever, allowing the rider to stop the bike with his hands on the tops.

Tektro X-Top brak elevers

Simple, nicely made.

Tektro brake levers

Here they are flipped over.

Tektro V-Brake levers. New, $20.00

Part# 82177

Tektro V-Brake levers

Well-made, effective, and nicely priced.

Tektro V-Brake levers

And a shot with the levers flipped over