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Campagnolo Brake Levers & lever parts

Campagnolo brake levers & lever parts on this page: C-Record Cobalto aero brake levers | Record Aero Brake lever | Super Record brake levers | Athena brake lever band

Campagnolo Ergopower shifting brake levers are posted here.

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Campagnolo C-Record Cobalto Aero Brake Levers. Used, $200.00/set

C-Record Cobalto brake levers

Front view

Coblato brake levers

Side view

C-Record Cobalto brake levers

Here are the levers turned over to show their other sides.

C-Record Cobalto brake levers

The back of the levers, showing their bar clamps.

C-Record Cobalto brake levers

A side you don't often see. The levers from underneath.

Campagnolo Record Aero Brake Lever BL-22RECG. Used, $80.00/each

  • The clamp on this lever is not chrome – perhaps an Athena Bl-02VL clamp?

Record Aero brake lever

Front of the lever

Record brake lever

Side view

Record Aero brake lever

Another view of that same side.

Record aero brak elever

The other side of the lever

Campagnolo Record brake lever

The back of the lever. You can see that the clamp is made by Campagnolo, but it is not the original chrome piece.

Campagnolo Super Record Brake Levers. Used, $250.00/set

  • These levers have Rustines after-market hoods
  • Please note the bar clamps and their near-new condition.

Super Record brake levers

Front view of a classic set of Campagnolo brake levers.

Super Record brake levers

Side view. It's hard to make out, but the hoods are embossed with the Rustines logo. The hoods are superb copies of the Campagnolo originals.

Campagnolo Super Record brake levers

Here are the same hoods turned over to show their other sides.

Super Record brake evers

The backs of the levers

Campagnolo brak elevers

Close-up of some of the scuffing on one of the levers.

Athena VL005 Brake Lever Band Assembly. Used, $20.00/each

Campagnolo Athena brake lever band

This is the strap that holds the lever on to the handlebar.

Campagnolo Athena brake lever strap

The Campagnolo logo is embossed on the back of the strap.

Athena brkae lever strap

The back of the band,