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Vintage Components - Mavic SSC Brake calipers - NONE CURRENTLY IN STOCK

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Mavic SSC R2 brake calipers. New in box, $250.00 Sold. We have left this page up for those interested in vintage Mavic components

Early Mavic brake calipers were made by Modolo. But these, produced in the mid-2000s were made in the Mavic factory.

They are dual-pivot with a stainless-steel leaf-spring that exerts only a gentle force to open the calipers. This gives the brakes a light feel, while the triangulated arm keeps the calipers from flexing and losing the rider's braking force.

And, with a stainless-steel spring, you don't have to worry about the spring rusting.

They do not have a quick-release. That would have to be part of the user's brake lever. These calipers are said to work very well with Campagnolo Ergopower levers, which do have a quick-release.

Mavic gives the pair of calipers a weight of 314 grams.

Mavic SSC brakes

New, in the box.

Mavic SSC calipers

Beautifully finished. They'll look good on any bike.