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Vintage Components - Scott Pedersen SE Brake Calipers- No complete sets in stock, just spare parts

Note: We have no complete caliper sets, but we have some spare parts, which we are currently putting together to photograph. If you need a part for your Pedersen calipers, please get in touch. We just might have it.

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These cantilever calipers are called "self energizing". The very act of braking creates ever greater pad force against the rim. To quote SunTour's (which licensed Pedersen's design) explanation of the design:

"Designed to enhance the rider's stopping power without expending more energy at the brake lever. ...Self Energizing brakes use the directional force of the rim to increase braking energy. As the [rear] pads contact the rim they are pulled forward toward the the seat stay; the brake's internal helical mechanism drives the pads on to the rim with greater force."

Pedersen calipers are front/rear specific. That is, there is a front pair and a rear pair. Care should be given to mounting them.