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Shimano Brakesets & calipers

Brakesets & Calipers on this page:
Road: 105 dual-pivot calipers | 105 short-reach front nutted caliper | 105-short-reach rear nutted caliper | 105 standard-reach rear caliper | Tourney sidepull calipers

ATB: STX RC cantilever calipers | STX SE cantilever calipers | DX BR-M660 black Cantilever calipers

Shimano ATB & road brake levers are posted here.

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Shimano introduced its first professional level component group in 1973, labelling it Dura-Ace. This was also the first year Campagnolo produced its Super Record groupset. Shimano continually improved its Dura-Ace components. But Shimano really silenced all critics when Andy Hampsten won the 1988 Giro d'Italia on a Dura-Ace equipped bike.

Shimano 105 BR 5600 short reach dual-pivot brake calipers. used $50.00

Part# BR-34

  • This is a powerful set of calipers in beautiful condition

Shimano 105 calipers

They have a titanium finish that will go with any bike.

Shimano 105 calipers

And from the back. They have allen-key recessed mounting bolts, of course.

Shimano 105 short-reach front nutted dual-pivot brake caliper. Used, $45.00

  • We will supply brake pads with this caliper
  • 39-49mm brake reach.

Shimano front brake caliper

Front view, It will come with brake pads.

Shimano 105 front brake caliper

Side view

Shimano brake caliper

And from the rear

Shimano 105 short-reach rear nutted dual-pivot brake caliper. Used, $45.00

  • We will supply brake pads with this caliper
  • 39-49mm brake reach.
  • Shimano part# BR-1055

Shimano brake caliper

Front view

105 brake caliper

Side view

105 rear caliper

From the back

Shimano brake caliper

Top view

Shimano 105 standard-reach rear dual-pivot brake caliper. New, $45.00

Part# 81130

  • 47-57mm brake reach.

Shimano 105 front caliper

From the front

Shimano 105 caliper

Slightly different angle

Shimano 105 rear caliper

Side view

Shimano 105 rear caliper

The other side

Shimano 105 brake caliper

Back view

Shimano Tourney calipers. used. $30.00

Part# BR-34

  • There are many variations of the basic, well-made and reliable caliper. We're dating this set to the early 1980s.
  • It features Shimano "Safety-pivot" mechanism, which can be seen in the photo of the back of the calipers. This helped keep the calipers centered and applying and and even closure when the brakes were applied.
  • They have a reach of 43 - 53mm.

Shimano Tourney calipers

From the front. They have good clearance for bikes with fenders.

Shimano Tourney calipers

From the back, showing the "Safety-pivot" mechanism.

Shimano STX RC cantilever brake calipers. New, $50.00

Part# 81087

  • These were produced in the early to mid 1990s.

STX-RC calipers

Their high-end finish will help make any bike look good.

Shimano STX SE cantilever brake calipers. Lightly used, $40.00

Shimano part# BR-MC32

Shimano STX SE calipers

Shimano DX BR-M660 black Cantilever calipers. Used, $50.00/set

DX calipers

We lightened the photo a bit to bring out the detail.

Shimano calipers

Here are the calipers flipped over.

Shimano calipers

With the straddle wires

Shimano caliper

Shimano makes some things easy. Indeed these are BR-M660 calipers.