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SunTour Brakes

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Suntour could trace its origins to 1912, when the then-named Maeda Iron Works began making bicycle sprockets and then freewheels.

Suntour's business really took off with its introduction of the slant parallelogram rear derailleur in 1964. This innovation, upon which all modern derailleurs are based, allowed the derailleur to maintain a constant distance from the sprockets and vastly improved shifting.

Suntour thrived and expanded, eventually producing complete groups, all well-designed and beautifully made. But upon the expiration of Suntour's slant-parallelogram derailleur patent, arch-competitor Shimano, adopting this design, became a relentless and dominating force in bicycle components, crushing the weaker Suntour company.

In 1988, the now-struggling Suntour company was purchased by the a Taiwan firm and by 1993, once-dominant Suntour owned only five percent of the U.S. market.

SunTour Superbe Pro aero brake levers with cables. Used, $65.00

  • SunTour part# BL-SB00-N
  • Produced 1988-1994

SunTour aero brake levers

A bit scuffed, but fully functional

SunTour Superbe brake levers

The same levers, flipped over.

SunTour SL Aero Brake Levers w/cables. New, $100.00/set

Part# 82146

  • SunTour part# BL-SL00
  • We have one set in stock
  • Produced 1991 - 1994
  • Comes with cables and housing

SunTour SL brake levers

New, in the box, with cablesets.

SunTour SL brakeset

Here's the box, close up

SunTour SL levers

Here they are, out of their box

SunTour brake levers

Close-up of just the levers

SunTour SL brake levers

Side view

SunTour SL brake levers

Here are the same levers turned over.

SunTour GPX Aero Brakeset. New, $300.00/set

Part# 81099

  • This brake set is different! The forged aluminum calipers have internal springs. The return spring is not visible, making these about the cleanest looking brakes ever made. To our knowledge, only the SunTour Superbe Pro calipers from this same era have this feature.
  • Produced in the late 1980s

SunTour GPX brakeset

New in the box. Levers are under the calipers.

SunTour GPX brakeset

The grey finish will go with any bike.

SunTour GPX calipers

The calipers

SunTour GPX calipers

The calipers from the back. Not a spring in sight.

SuinTour GPX brakes

Side view

SunTour GPX caliper close-up

Close-up of a caliper

SnTour GPX brakeset

Of course, levers and cables are included.

SunTour GPX levers

Close-up of the levers

SunTour GPX brakeset

Side view of the levers

SunTour brake levers

And the levers turned over to show thier other sides

SunTour GPX Aero Brake Levers with cables. New, $75.00/set

Part# 81099.5

  • SunTour part# BL-GP00
  • Produced 1989 - 1991
  • GPX was a mid-range line, fitted between Sprint 9000 & Ole

SunTour GPX brake levers

Ready for your bike

SunTour GPX brake levers

Close-up of just the levers

SunTour brak elevers

Side view

SunTour GPX brake levers

And here are the same levers flipper over. Just as nice.

SunTour XC Pro 1" Headlocker Cable Stop. Used, $50.00

  • This cable stop/headset lock was made for 1" steering tubes to work with SunTour XC Pro cantilever brakes. But this beautifully made piece of cycling art will work with nearly any cantilever or centerpull brake.

SunTour XC Pro headlocker cable stop

Simple, beautifully made.

SunTour headlocker cable stop

From another angle

SunTour XC headlocker and cable stop

From the top

SunTour XC Power Cam (Roller-Cam) brake plates. Used, $30.00 for pair.

In the picture below, the cam on the left has modified parts on it.

XC Power Cam plates

The fronts of the plates

XC Power cam plates

The backs of the plates