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Road bike brake & gear cables and housing

On this page: Jagwire Road Pro complete cable kit in Celeste | Yokozuma stainless downtube friction shifter cable

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Jagwire Road Pro complete cable kit in Celeste. New, $50.00

Part# 85497

  • Note: Housing color is Celeste

Jagwire describes the kit thus: Road Pro kits deliver enhanced performance and style. Teflon-coated cables used with our Slick-Lube liners dramatically reduce friction while Kevlar reinforced, compressionless brake housing delivers smooth, powerful braking performance. And with all needed parts included, our Road Pro kits are easy to install.

Teflon-coated cables, Slick-Lube liners and Kevlar reinforced, compressionless brake housing enhance performance
All parts needed for a complete brake and shift cable/housing install are included

What's included:

1 1700mm LEX-SL Shift Housing
2  2300mm Teflon-Coated Shift Inner Cables
4  Lined Shift Alloy End Caps
1  Sealed Shift Alloy End Cap
1  Hooded Shift Alloy End Cap
2  Shift Cable Tips
1  1700mm KEB-SL Kevlar-Reinforced Brake Housing
1  850mm Teflon-Coated Front Brake Inner Cable
1  1650mm Teflon-Coated Rear Brake Inner Cable
2  Open Brake Alloy End Caps
2  Lined Brake Alloy End Caps
2  POP Alloy End Caps
2  Brake Cable Tips
4  Mini Tube Tops
9  Cable Donuts
3  Rotating Hooks
2  EZ-Bend Housing Segments

Jagwire cable kit

All neatly packaged

Jagwire set

Here's what's inside

Yokozuma stainless steel 1.5mm downtube friction shifter cable. New, $5.00/each

Part# 85470

Currently our of stock, but we have more on order.

  • This might be the finest friction gear cable made.
  • Made in Japan.

Yokozuma downtube gear cable