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Components - Campagnolo Veloce cassettes

Campagnolo Veloce cassettes on this page:

9-speed: 13-23 | 13-26

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Lock rings are not included unless otherwise noted in the product description.

Campagnolo Veloce 9-speed 13-23 Cassette. Used, $50.00

Part# 55008

  • EXA-drive
  • 13 & 14 tooth cogs have real wear. They may skip with some chains, especially new ones. The other cogs are fine.

Veloce Cassette

We've photographed the worn 13 & 14-tooth cogs

Campagnolo Veloce 9-speed 13-26 Cassette. New, $100.00

Part# 55012

  • Ultra-drive
  • Lock ring included

Veloce 9-speed cassette