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58mm Bolt Circle Diameter, 5-Bolt chainrings

58mm Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD), 5-Bolt chainrings on this page:
Avid: 20-tooth
22-tooth silver

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Bolt Circle Diameter is the diameter of the circle formed by the centers of the chainring fixing bolts. With 4-bolt cranksets, this is easy to measure. 5-bolt cranks are more difficult.

58mm BCD rings are the usual inner rings on compact triple cranksets.

If you are unsure about what size chainring you need, Wolf Tooth Components has an excellent guide to measuring your rings.

Avid 20-tooth 58 BCD 5-bolt steel chainring. New, $25.00

Part# 62002

  • Includes mounting bolts & spacers
  • Chrome-plated steel

Avid Chainring kit

The whole kit: ring, bolts & spacers

Avid Chainring

Front side of just the chainring

Avid Chainring

The back side

Origin8 22-tooth 58 BCD 5-bolt chainring. New, $25.00

Part# 62003

6061 T6 aluminum

Origin8 22-tooth chainring

New and ready to get you up that hill.

Origin8 chainring

The flip side

Shimano 20-tooth, 58 BCD 5-bolt chainring. New, $25.00

Part# 62000

  • Shimano part# SG H-20
  • Chrome-plated steel

Shimano 20-tooth chainring

Hard to beat chrome-plated steel for long wear.

Shimano chainring

The same ring, flipped over

Vuelta Silver 22-tooth, 58 BCD 5-bolt chainring. New, $25.00

Part# 62003

Though this ring is not stamped "Vuelta", we believe it is a ring from that company.

We have two in stock

Vuelta chainring

Front side

Vuelta chainring

And the back