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Vintage Components - Sachs cranksets

Sachs cranksets on this page: New Success 175mm triple

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Fichtel & Sachs was a venerable firm, making bicycle parts in Germany since 1895. Starting in 1980, the firm went on a buying spree. First, it purchased the French derailleur maker Huret in 1980. The derailleurs were then branded "Sachs-Huret". The company went on to buy freewheel and hub maker Maillard as well as chain producer Sedis.

Staring in 1985, Sachs-Huret produced its first "New Success" components. They weren't as advanced at the Shimano equivalent, but they were very good, nonetheless.

In 1987 Mannesmann, a giant industrial conglomerate (year 2000 revenues were more than 23 billion Euros), acquired Sachs.

That same year Sachs dropped "Huret" from its name and came out with the "New Success Aris" line. Now Sachs had arrived. The quality and performance of Sach New Success components matched the best from Asia and Europe.

But Sachs wasn't done. The less-expensive Rival group was developed using ARIS technology. Rival components turned out to be immensely popular. They worked well and were competitively priced.

In 1989, the groups were upgraded, and in 1993, in collaboration with Campagnolo, this second generation component New Success line was given ergo brake-lever shifting.

Though Sachs kept improving and redesigning its parts, in 1996 Mannesmann decided the small company (by Mannesman's standards) was not worth the trouble and sold Sachs to SRAM. By 1999 SRAM had stopped using the Sachs name. The venerable brand disappeared.

Sachs New Success 175mm triple crankset with 22/32/44 Torelli rings. Used, $200.00/set

This crankset spent most of the last two decades in a garage and might have less that 50 miles on it, and most of those on the road. It was owned by one of the owners of Torelli who was also a Sachs distributor.

Sachs New Success triple crankset

The arms are equipped with Torelli chainrings which are almost new.

Sachs New Success Crankset

The back of the crankset

Sachs New Success crankset

And here's a side view.