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Modern Campagnolo cranksets w/square-tapered bottom bracket spindles: Mirage

Cranksets on this page: Mirage 170 triple | Mirage 170 triple right arm w/32/42/52 rings | Mirage right 170 triple arm | Mirage 172.5

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Campagnolo 170mm Mirage Triple crankset w/30/40/50 chainrings. Used, $100.00

Mirage crakset

Pinned chainrings for great upshifts

Campagnolo Mirage triple 170mm right crank arm w/32/42/52 rings. Used, $50.00

Mirage right triple crank

Campagnolo 1st generation Mirage 170mm right triple crank arm. Used. $45.00

Mirage right triple cranksets

Campagnolo 172.5mm Mirage crankset, 39-53 chainrings. Used, $100.00

Campagnolo Mirage crankset

Pinned rings to lift the chain for easy up-shifts

Mirage crankset

And from the back