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Campagnolo cranksets w/Ultra-Torque BB

Cranksets on this page, rings are 39-53 unless otherwise noted: Super Record 11 175, 35-50 | Record 10-speed 172.5 | Record 10-speed 175 | Chorus 10-speed 170 | Centaur 172.5 | Centaur 175 | Athena 170, 34-50 | Veloce 170 | CX-11 172.5, 34-50

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The traditional Campagnolo crankset with its spindle (tapered or splined) and cups bottom bracket that accepted pressed-on right and left cranks was replaced in 2008 with the Ultra-Torque system. With the Ultra-Torque system both crank arms are permanently attached to half of the spindle, which is joined at the center with what is known as a "Hirth Joint". Each hollow spindle half (semi-axle) has tapered teeth that mesh together and held by a center bolt.

In 2011 Campagnolo introduced an improvement on the Ultra-Torque system. The Hirth Joint was eliminated and now a single hollow spindle is permanently attacked to the drive crank. The Power-Torque system uses a steel spindle and is found in Campagnolo's mid-range cranksets. The Ultra-Torque introduced in 2013, uses a heat-treated aluminum spindle.

Campagnolo 175mm Super Record 11 Carbon/Titanium crankset, 34-50 rings. New, $600.00

Part# 60168

  • 11-speed
  • Hollow carbon-fiber crank arms
  • Titanium Ultra-Torque bottom bracket axle
  • Titanium chainring fixing bolts
  • CULT bearings (Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology)

Super Record crankset

8 integrated upshifting pins on the large chain ring to help lift the chain.

Campagnolo Super Record crankset

And it's new, in the box

Record 10-speed Ultra-Torque 172.5mm crankset, 34-50. New, $600.00

New, in the box

Campagnolo Record Ultra-Torque crankset

New, in the box

Record crankset

In fact, here it is in the box.

Record 10-speed Ultra-Torque 175mm crankset, 39-53. New, $300.00

Part# 60200

  • New, in box
  • With Ultra-Torque bottom bracket

Record Carbon crankset

Bottom bracket is included

Record crankset box

It will come in this box.

Chorus 10-speed Ultra-Torque 170mm crankset, 39-53. New, $300.00

This is a new, unridden crankset. It was installed on a bike for a bicycle tradeshow. We bought the bike and removed the crankset before it was ever used.

  • The crankset has Campagnolo's hollow crank arms and spider made with their "Ultra-Hollow" technology.
  • Crank arms are 170mm, chain rings are 39-53.
  • Bottom-bracket axle is "Ultra-Torque".

Chorus Ultra-torque crankset

The chainrings have pins and ramps to optimize shifting.

Centaur 10-speed Power-Torque crankset, 172.5, 39-53. New, $250.00

Part# CK-103

Centaur cranksets use black anodized alloy crank arms mated to a hollow-steel Power-Torque spindle.

The chainrings are carefully machined to assist with both up and down shifts. There are eight points on the outer ring made to easily grab and lift the chain and two points to release the chain to the small ring.

The alloy chain-ring bolts on this crankset are red anodized.

Centaur crankset

Brand new, waiting to hit the road on your bike.

Right and left Centaur arms

Right and left sides

Centaur crankset

Back side, showing the Power-Torque spindle

Centaur crankset

Close-up showing the complex machining and lifting pins that optimize shifting.

Centaur crankset

It seems like each tooth has its own profile.

Centaur 10-speed Power-Torque crankset, 175, 39-53. New, $250.00

Part# CK-104

Centaur cranksets use black anodized alloy crank arms mated to a hollow-steel Power-Torque spindle.

The chainrings are carefully machined to assist with both up and down shifts. There are eight points on the outer ring made to easily grab and lift the chain and two points to release the chain to the small ring.

Centaur Crankset

With its box

Centaur crankset

The crankset, close up

Centaur crankset

The back side of the crankset showing the Power-Torque spindle

Ccentaur crankset

Detail of the shifting pins and ramps.

Centaur ring

Close-up of the chainring's front

Athena 11-speed Power-Torque compact crankset, 170, 34-50. New, $200.00

Part# CK-101

Campagnolo specs put this crankset at 740 grams. The chainrings use Campagnolo's state-of-the-art system of chainring ramps and pins to make both up-shifts and down-shifts simple and reliable.

Athena conapct crankset

New and ready to go

Athena conapct crankset

Closer view

Athena compact crankset

Back side showing the Power-Torque spindle

Athena conapct crankset

The ramps and pins make shifting a breeze.

Campagnolo Veloce Power-Torque crankset, 170mm arms, 39-53. New $200.00

Part# CK-105

Veloce crank arms are made of forged aluminum. The chainrings are light alloy and have an anti-friction treatment.

Despite its low price, Campagnolo has given this crankset the high-technology super-shifting bells and whistles. It has the 8 chain lifting pins and careful machining of the teeth to optimize gear changes. This crankset is for 10 x 2 gear systems.

Veloce crankset

The crankset with its factory box.

Veloce crakset

Close-up of the Veloce crankset

Veloce crankset

The back side showing the Power-Torque spindle. And clearly, these are 170mm arms.

Veloce crankset

Close-up of the back of the big ring, showing the shifting pins and ramps.

Veloce crankset

The front of the ring shows the complicated machining each tooth gets.

Campagnolo CX-11 Power-Torque crankset, 172.5mm x 34-50. New $200.00

Part# 60183

While this crankset is designed for cyclo-cross, its cross-specific specs make it a terrific crankset for road riding, especially in places with bad weather or muddy roads. The rings are labelled "C.A.R.T" - Cyclocross Advanced Racing Technology. The pins and ramps are said to especially enable good shifts under bad conditions.

This crankset is made for 11-speed (rear cogset) systems.

The arms are aluminum and have light alloy chainring fixing bolts. Chainring BCD is Campagnolo's proprietary 110mm.

Photographs below are of a 175mm crankset.

Campagnolo CX 11 crankset

This crankset uses forged aluminum crank arms

CX 11 crankset

Italian design never ceases to impress us.

CX 11 crakset

The business side of the Power-Torque system

CX crankset

Close-up of the chain lifting pins and special machining to optimize shifting.

Chain ring

The chainring front. Clearly each tooth has its own job in shifting.