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Sugino cranksets

Cranksets on this page: Mighty Tour Triplizer 165mm | Mighty Tour Triplizer 175mm | AT triple 170mm | MP 170 triple crankset | RD2 170mm triple | Impel triple 175mm right arm with rings | MP 175mm triple right crank arm | VP 170mm crankset | VP 170mm crank arms | Mighty Tour 170mm triple | Mighty Tour 171mm double | Super Mighty Competition 170mm | Mighty Competition 171mm

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Sugino is one of the oldest bicycle component companies in the world. The factory opened in 1910 in Nara, near Osaka Japan.

There was a time when Sugino's cranksets were everywhere. In the 1970s and 1980s, before Shimano's overwhelming dominance, Sugino cranksets were big sellers and highly desired. Sugino chainrings of the era were compatible with Campagnolo and cost a fraction of the Italian maker's product, making them the go-to replacement.

But, like SunTour and Dia Compe, Sugino was run over by the relentless Shimano steamroller. The company did survive, and though much smaller than in its glory days, it still produces fine product. And, it is still run by the Sugino family.

Sugino Mighty Tour Triplizer crankset, 165mm arms, 24-36-48 rings. New, $300.00

Part# 61230

Sugino mighty Tour Triplizer

New, and beautifully made.

Sugino Triplizer

It is new in the box.

Sugino Mighty Tour Triplizer crankset, 175mm arms, 24-36-48 rings. New, $300.00

Part# 61235

175 Sugino Triplizer

175mm, new, and ready to go.

Might Tout Triplizer

It will come in the factory box.

Sugino AT 170mm triple crankset, 28/40/50 rings. Used, $150.00

  • 110 BCD for the large and middle ring, 74mm BCD for the inner ring.
  • We believe the Sugino AT was the first crankset made with a 110/74 BCD pattern. This became the standard for triple road and mountain bikes until Compact & Micro Drive appeared.
  • Produced in the 1980s
  • This crankset uses a 127.5mm bottom bracket spindle
  • We have sold the crankset pictured below, but we have one more set in stock.

Sugino AT crankset

Lightly used

Sugino AT crankset

The flip side

Sugino crankset

Here's what a Sugino AT crankset looks like mounted on a bike.

Sugino MP 170mm triple crankset with steel 50/40/28 rings. New, $50.00

  • 110mm BCD main chainrings and 74mm inner ring
  • Arms are aluminum alloy, rings are steel

Sugino MP crankset

New, with a slight touch of shopwear

Sugino MP crankset

Just as nice flipped over

Sugino RD2 170mm triple crankset with 30/42/52 rings. Used, $65.00/set

  • The two outer rings have a 130 BCD.
  • This crankset was made to work with a 113mm length spindle.
  • A slightly different version of this RD2 crank is still in production and has become popular as a single-speed crankset.

Sugino RD2 triple crankset

In excellent condition

Sugino crankset

The back of the crankset

RD2 triple crankset

Info stamped on the back of the left arm.

Sugino Impel 175mm right arm with 20/32/42-tooth chainrings. Used, $40.00

Sugino Imper right crank arm with rings

Crank arm front

Sugino Imperl crank arm with chainrings

Flipped over. You can see the chainrings have pins and ramps. Plus, the inner 20-tooth ring will get you up anything you need to get over.

Sugino MP 110 175mm triple right crank arm. Used, $20.00

  • Made for 110mm BCD main chainrings and 74mm BCD inner rings
  • This is a used arm that had been spray-painted black and then partially cleaned.

Sugino MP crank arm

Top view

Sugino MP crank arm

And the other side

Sugino VP 170mm crankset with 36/52 steel rings. Used, $55.00

  • Produced in the 1980s
  • 110mm BCD

Sugino VP crankset

Top view

Sugino VP crankset

And the same Sugino VP crankset turned over.

Sugino VP 170 mm, 110 BCD crankarms. Used, $55.00/set

Sugino VP crank arms

Front view

Sugino VP crank arms

The inner set of holes on the drive crank arm can be tapped to make a triple crankset.

Sugino Mighty Tour 170mm triple crankset with 36/49/53 rings. Lightly used, $200.00

Chrainrings are 110 BCD

Sugino Might Tour crankset

Lightly used

Sugino Mighty Tour crankset

The cranks flipped over

Sugin crankset

From a slightly different angle

Sugino 171mm Mighty Tour 110 BCD crankset with 38/47 chainrings. Used, $200.00

This crankset can be converted to a triple two ways:

  • Use the 110 BCD spider, replace the double chainring fixing bolts with a triple set and mount an inner ring.
  • Or, a smaller inner ring with a smaller BCD can be mounted using the holes in the crank arm spider. This was was done at one time with this crankset. Marks on this crank arm from mounting a smaller ring can be seen most clearly in this crankset's final picture (the 7th).

Sugino Mighty Tour crankset

Top view

Sugino Mighty Tour crankset

Here's the crankset flipped over.

Sugino mighty Tour double crank

The right arm and rings

Sugino Mighty Tour double crankset

The back of the right crank

Sugino Mighty Tour crankset

The left arm

Sugino Mighty Tour crankset

The back of the left arm.

Sugino Mighty Tour crank

Close-up of the right arm and spider. You can see the marks on the spider someone made mounting a small inner ring.

Sugino 170mm Super Mighty Competition crankset with 42/52 chainrings. Used, $150.00

  • 144 BCD
  • Produced in the 1980s

Sugino Super Mighty crankset

The crank spider has been relieved and the chainrings have been lightened.

Super Mighty crankset

Here's the back of the crankset

Sugino 171mm Mighty Competition crankset with 42/49 chainrings. Used, $150.00

  • 144 BCD
  • This was the go-to crankset for those of us of a certain age who couldn't (or wouldn't) buy Campagnolo Nuovo Record. The quality is first-rate and the 144BCD chainrings are interchangeable with Campagnolo Nuovo Record.
  • Sugino began producing this crankset in 1971, like ours, initially in a 171mm length.
  • This crankset was original equipment on some Gitane Tour de France bikes of the mid-1970s.

Sugino Mighty Competition crankset

Top view.

Sugino Mighty Competition crankset

Back view