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Components - Pro-Wheel tandem cranksets

On this page: Pro-Wheel 170mm tandem timing cranks | ProWheel 170mm timing crank w/36-tooth ring | Timing crank chainguard for 36-tooth ring

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Pro-Wheel started in 2001 as a maker of off-road products. Their first items were rims. Since then the company has expanded its line to include hubs, cranksets, brakes, spokes and a host of other items.

Pro-Wheel 170mm timing cranks with 42-tooth chainrings. New, $50.00 each

Part# 61188

  • Timing cranks hook up a tandem's captain (front rider) to the stoker
  • Made for square-taper spindles
  • 170mm arms, 42-tooth rings
  • Chainguards mounted
  • We will sell the cranks separately

Pro Wheel timing cranks

New, and modestly priced.

Pro-Wheel 170mm timing crank with 36-tooth ring. Used, $45.00

Pro wheel timing crank

Comes with chainguard. Important: It has left-hand pedal threads.

Pro Wheel tandem crankset

Here is the crank from the back.

Pro-Wheel chainguard for 36-tooth ring. New, $15.00

Pro Wheel Chainguard

Front of the chainguard

Pro Wheel chainguard

And the back