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Components - TruVativ (SRAM) tandem cranksets

On this page: TruVativ Elita 170mm tandem crankarm set with bottom brackets

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TruVativ is a maker of cranks, bottom brackets, stems, pedals and seatposts. SRAM acquired the company in 2004, allowing SRAM to offer complete groupsets

TruVativ Elita ISIS drive 170mm tandem crankarm set with ISIS bottom brackets. Used, $250.00

  • ISIS drive crank arms and bottom brackets
  • Triple chainring capability, using 130mm and 74mm BCD chainrings
  • ISIS bottom brackets spindles are 123mm.

Turvativ Elita

The fronts of the stoker's right and captain's right crank arms

TruVative cranksets

The backs of the stoker's right and captain's right crank arms

Timing arms

The left, or timing arms.

Timing arms

The backs of the timing crank arms.

ToVativ bottom brackets

The bottom brackets. The missing right crank arm fixing bolt on the upper bottom bracket will be supplied when shipped.